At what point did / would you start wearing underwired bras again? After 18 months (pregnancy and Gabriel's infancy so far), my breasts are really beginning to suffer, and at...


Nursing Bras

Hi Ladies, I am in the market to buy some new nursing bras and have only tried Bravado bras so far and haven't been too impressed. I'm accustomed to underwire bras and prefer...


Nursing Bras/ Maternity bras.

I have a HUGE problem, My breast. Before I got pregnant I wore a 34dd. I am now 13 weeks along and I am beginning to really "bust out of my bra". I used to but my regular bras...

Started by Amber on 03/27/2011 in October 2011

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Nursing Bras

I'm nursing my second daughter and using the bras I had from the first - ones I got at sears or the Bay. It seems like unless you go to a specialty store you get really blah...


Nursing bras

Having been pregnant once and not having a good breast feeding experience, I'm starting early with all of my research so I can make a better attempt this second time around. One...

Started by Alyssa on 09/09/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Nursing Bras

I'm struggling to find decent nursing bras that support while not costing an arm and a leg, any suggestions? My daughter is now almost 8 months, and I would like to nurse for...

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Started by Audrey on 11/13/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Nursing Bras

Hey ladies! I am in desparate need for some new nursing bras. When I bought bras with my first child 9 years ago I could find them in most every department store. Now that is...

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under-wire= mastitis?

I've been wearing these damn nursing bras for over a year now and i'm so over it! I want to switch back to normal, nice, under-wire bras but i've heard that i'm likely to get...


Want advice on nursing bras...

Hey gals ~ I am due at the end of Dec and plan on breastfeeding (only)...anyone have any nursing bra suggestions (price not an issue)? I want to be comfy and keep my gals...

Started by Danielle on 11/22/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Nursing Bras- so frustrating!

What a pain its been to find an appropriate, practical and most importantly- supportive nursing bra out there. I have bought 6 throughout this last pregnancy and postpartum...


Organic Nursing Bras

I'm looking for an organic cotton or bamboo nursing bra that has NO underwire but has more support than the sports-bra styles do. I'm about a 38 E or F which is usually...


Panic attacks and Nursing bras

I am 36 weeks along and I've been under alot of stress lately because my step-kids have been acting up and their babysitter hasn't been doing her job, which makes my days alot...

Started by Katie on 06/28/2010 in Expecting

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Best Nursing Bras?

I had a hard time find a comfortable and supportive nursing bra while I have been breastfeeding my daughter. This time around I am willing to search high and low to find a...

Started by Aimee on 04/17/2009 in July 2009

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Bras and breastfeeding

I know they say you shouldn't wear underwire bra when you are breastfeeding cause it can clog your ducts, but how long do you go without? I have always had an underwire and...

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supportive bras

hello ladies just wondered if anyone can help. Im a big busted person a 34 f and finding it hard to find supportive bras for during pregnancy and breast feeding. I have tried...

Started by Sarah on 08/26/2009 in Babies And Infants

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I need advice on Nursing Bras

My due date is quickly approaching and i have yet to buy a nursing bra! I am wondering do i just go down to Target and pick one up any old one? Or as one mom told me goto...


I hate ALL my nursing bras!!

So I've been toughing out for months and I'm sick of it! Does anyone have a comfortble, SUPPORTIVE nursing bra they love? I'm kind of short in the torso, and big busted. It...

Started by Stefanie on 02/03/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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nursing bras, waht type works best?

I have noticed that every since I started nursing my little girl (who is now 6 months old) a muscle in back has been getting rather large because of the added weight to my...