Clothes during Nursing

Hey everyone! Congrats on your new precious gift. I am a mom of two and had a question about nursing... What in the world do you wear to bed?! I have nursing bras and a nursing...

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Nice nursing clothing?

Anyone know of some nice/fashionable brands of nursing clothing? I need to go to a holiday party and would like to pick up a stylish-non-frumpy nursing top.


Nursing Bra Rant/Solution

After 4 months of nursing and many more than that searching for a good nursing bra I finally converted one of my regular bras to a nursing bra. I am a 36G and could not for the...

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Nursing bra problem... need help ASAP!

Before I was pregnant, I wore a 36C. During pregnancy, I jumped to a 38D. I figured that when my milk came in, I would be wearing a 38E. So, that's what I ordered. HOWEVER. My...

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need advice on a good nursing bra

i'm tired of blocked ducts already...i've done all the tricks to get rid of them and they keep coming back. i have to wonder why they keep coming back and i'm thinking maybe i...

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using bra during breast feeding

I need to knw that breast feeding moms can use bra. Some doctors says that we should not use bra because it makes milk to reduse. Bt some are saying that you should use bra it...


plugged mammary glands

Hi all, I stopped nursing about 2 wks ago (and I had dwlindled to only 1-2 times a day at that point). Well all this time has passed and now all of a sudden my glands are...


Weird pain

I am 33 weeks pregnant. I go to the Dr. on Tuesday but just curious as to if this happens to you while your pregnant.
I have this weird sensitive area under by boobs....



Is it right to wear tight bra anytime while breast feeding. will it affect the supply of milk? please clear my doubt.

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Bra question

Last time I was pregnant I wore sports bras a lot because they kept my large sore boobs in place very well. I also had a difficult time breastfeeding (I made it about 6 weeks)....