No Dating Without Martial Arts Combat Training

I was chit-chatting with another teacher at dance duty the other night. She told me that she grew up in a shady part of the inner-city. In her family it is a requirement that...

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Words of encouragement needed!

Our 10 month old son Kazyn starts daycare on Monday. I'm so worried! We have been so lucky to have family watch him until this point and I'm having a hard time with letting go...


Send to school or not???

what should I do?? I know my son is smart but he is so not mature enough for school. With the eating disorder and behavior problem and lack of support and help from the school,...



Are you 17month olds talking??? Cyd still is not using her words, she understands perfectly and say small words here and there; but no TALKING yet


Family Bed Question

Hi Ladies, I'm just curious to see how many of you believe in the concept of the "family bed". For the first 2 years of my son's life, he slept in his own space for the most...

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how to deal with three at a time?

hi , i'm in the teaching field for fourteen years . dealing with many kids at a time has never been a problem for me . but at home it's a different story -i can't cope with my...

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Week of February 23

Hey Y'all~ We are all sick here again today. MK has had a miserable weekend. I wish we could all get well!! We are going to the Dr. later, so will update when I know more....

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husbands in military? do they help AT ALL??

My husband sees my son for maybe an hour and a half at night before my 7mo old goes down for bed. I feel like my husband already does not see our son that much, so to me it...

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Son won't stay in bed

We got our son a "big boy" bed in December when he turned 2. He was really good in it for a while until about a week or two ago. He never used to get out of it by himself, even...


From One to Two Kids

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the transition from one to two kids as painless as possible, especially if they will be barely a year apart in age?

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Recently in the news a Catholic Church was denied it's license to provide adoption services because, they would not adopt to a Gay couple. When this went to court the Church...

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