Easy meal ideas for picky 15 month old.

My son is 15 months old and I am having a difficult time finding meals that he will eat. He used to love veggies, but now tosses them on the floor. He loves fruit, but that...

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Toddler refuses to eat vegetables!

Any ideas to help with this? He ate them really well when they were in pureed baby food texture but now he spits them all out or refused to "try". Frustrating! I season them...



hey all since this is an aug 09 page our kiddies would b around the same age.. i was wondering if any one has there littl one on solids yet, and how can i get my littl girl to...

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blender recipes?

For my birthday my mother bought me a blender. I'm 35w pregnant and still suffer from morning sickness and my body holds down liquids a lot better than solid foods. Does anyone...


Recipe ideas on a budget

I'm on a tight budget for the next two weeks any ideas for recipes that would be considered frugal? Thank you in advance!!!!


How to make baby food.

I would like to make potatoes and carrots for my almost 6 month old son and I am not sure what I should add to them. You have to mash them really good, but can you add milk or...


I need recipes for 2

I want to cook for my husband more, but don't really have very many recipes for 2. If you have any healthy recipes that would be great too. thanks


First Foods for Baby

My son is 6 1/2 months old and I want to start on "real" food soon, but I'm not sure what to try first. All he has tried is cereal and jarred baby food. Thanks :)

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Homemade baby food.

I am thinking of introducing my son to solid foods in the next month and I am interested in making my own baby food. I was wondering if anyone else has been making their own...


Soup recipes

My family loves soup and I am looking for recipes that way I can make it at home. It would cheaper and much healthier too. Thanks


quick and easey lunch recipes

i need help i am gettin sick of the food we eat for lunch so looking for new ideas for lunch that are quick, easey and cheap to make and don't take too much time, please help


$10 a day meals

http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/111412/feed-a-family-of-4-on-10-a-day How to feed the whole family on just $10 a day. ***MORE*** So what kinds of foods...

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Puree your own veggies?

Is it okay to puree your own veggies for a 4 month old? How would you go about doing it?

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