Bake Sale

I need some ideas for a bake sale for a church.


Allergy Free Cocolate Cake

Tracey's Dairy & Egg free Chocolate Cake 3 cups Plain Flour ½ tsp salt 1 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda 2/3 cup Coca or carob powder 2 cups sugar 2 tabs...


3 D cakes

Ok a friend wanted a cake shaped like a converse shoe, but I don't have a cake recipe that has the right texture to sculpt it ala Ace of Cakes style. I have been makeing the...


healthy snack recipes

We LOVE to bake in our house so I'm always on the look out for healthy recipes. I've been fiddling with this muffin recipe for a while and I've finally got it to a point I'm...


birthday cake without eggs due to allergy

Hi I am thinking about what to make for my sons 1st birthday party cake but he is allergic to eggs - does anyone have any recipes for something tasty that will look fun?...



HELP!!!! There was a recipe on the home page this morning for a quick and easy way to cook/roast a whole chicken. My printer isn't working so I was unable to print it out. I...


Diarrhea in 4 year olds and what to feed them

My 4 year old daughter just started having diarrhea and vomiting tonite.. I think she may have the rotavirus seeing she has all the symptoms (very liquidy diarrhea,...

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So J is basically on the, whatever you will eat diet... He is so underweight that even his nutritionist has me cooking everything in oil, just to get the extra fat and...


1st birthday cake, HELP!

Im in two minds whether or not to make my daughters first bday cake or to buy something premade from a shop. I know a first birthday is something special so with all the family...