Cloth Diaper Stains

What have you used to help get the stains out of cloth diapers? I read online about hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. Has anyone used these? I've been using Charlie's Soap to...


Help Cleaning Stained Diapers...

Alright ladies, I desperately need help! I use AMP AI2 diapers with the hemp liners. The other day I realized that I had forgotten about a bunch of them and they had been SOAKED...


please help and suggest.

my 13yr. old is having severe dandruff in his hair scales are big and hard.taking him to a dermatologist is difficult pl. helpi have used anti dandruff shampoo,next day again...


ketchup stains

how do i get ketchup stains out of my sons white clothing? without using bleach or chemicals..


Smelly Rug

Our dog got sick and vomited and had diarrhea on my new rug. I cleaned the rug several times with OXY Pet stain remover and managed to get the spot out but a horrid odor...

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We use Happy Heiny's one size cloth diapers and love them! But as my 8 month old is growing and he's used them since birth, some have become a bit stained. I cannot sun bleach...


Cleaning up bedwetting?

My little girl is doing great with potty training during the daytime, and I know accidents are totally to be expected so I'm starting to learn what to do and not do to prevent...

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Diaper Sanitizing Problem?

Hey there, so we have been using Bum Genius 3.0 diapers my sons whole life ( he is 15 months ) and he recently came down with some infections in the diaper area he had Balanitis...


Honey.....so good.

Raw Honey Benefits Referenced in many books, including the bible, raw honey benefits virtually everyone due to its unique chemical composition. Honey is more digestible than...

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still got the smell

I use pocket type diaper with a microfiber insert for my girls who are two and four and they get a weird smell it's not a pee smell it's just kind of stale but for some of my...


how do you feel about organic cleaning products

I use lavender oil and water to disinfect and vinegar with lemon oil and water to deep clean. Been getting lots of debate from family members about this. I don't like chemicals...

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