emotional support needed.

Well, I've posted on here before about the problems with the father of my child and asked for your advice. Now to fill you all in, my baby's dad and I weren't together very long...



My daughter is 2 months now and due for her vaccine, i decided against the ones at birth.... any thoughts on which ones are important and which you guys opted out of?


Behavior Worse than "Terrible Two"

Looking to see if other moms of March 2008 babies are experiencing the same things I am. My duaghter is just past two (obviously), but my problem has been getting increasingly...

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SO I have to post to become a member... which is inconvenient.


The Death Penalty--Question for DP Advocates

As a supporter of the death penalty, do you think an inmate should be able to appeal for decades before the execution is carried out? Should there be a time limit, for...

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I dunno if i can handle this anymore....

My son, will NOT sleep through the night, will NOT go to sleep on his own, and will RARELY stay asleep when i put him down. I've been trying to get him to sleep for 3 nights now...


No one will listen

I have a daughter aged 8 and and son aged 3. my daughter has always had problems from when she was born, she was a month early and deaf for first 3 months and at around a year i...



My 2 year old son wants to eat only mac and cheese????? He refuses to try most of the food I offer him? Doctor said try not to feed him, so he will get hungry and eat real...

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