Transition from bottle to cup

Hello ladies :) This is my first post so if I have posted in the wrong place or the wrong way- please let me know. My little lady is SO not interested in giving up the bottle....


Bottle Feeding Mommies

I formula feed my baby. I personally love bottle feeding. I can stick a bottle or two of water in my purse along with some pre-measured servings of formula when I go out with...

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Help! She won't take a bottle...

My daughter is almost 9 weeks old and is exclusively breast fed. I waited until she was 3 weeks old to try to introduce the bottle for fear of nipple confusion. She was not...



I have a 1 yr old son who just recently started being constipated. Before I take him to the doctor (because I know they have some meds for this) I want to know if anyone has any...


congested baby refusing to latch

My Son is 8 weeks old and is on breastfeeding. From last 2 weeks he is having congested chest and nose and refuses to latch on the breast, but drinks efficiently when i pump n...

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Breastfeeding/weaning - moving into foods?!?

My baby is 10 1/2 months and I've been breastfeeding plus pumping to give him milk during the day when I am at work (NO FORMULA - yay!). He is moving into foods now (which he...

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I recently posted this issue...but I think I need to provide more details. My son is 8 weeks old, formula fed. Until yesterday his bedtime has been about 930 or 10. We give him...


HELP..... Baby Shower Ideas

Hi, Im throwing a baby Shower for a friend, Found out today she is having a BOY, So any ideas for themes and games would be of a great Help.

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Pregnant and can't sleep, any advice?

Hi ladies, I am currently 5 months pregnant and I am having a very tough time getting comfortable at night. I find myself tossing and turning until 2 am , and I have to wake up...


Extreme Discipline

Ok here we go......... http://www.circleofmoms.com/march-2009-babies/How-Do-You-Discipline-Your-Little-One-612694?trk=thd_list_title#_

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African Hair. HELP!!!!

HI. Am mum of 3 beautiful daughters. one 12nxt mnth. Kherys 3 & half yrs. & Alpha-Lily 10 mnths.. WELL, am having BIG problems with 2babies hair!!! thier dad from Uganda -...


Could my baby be teething?

Hello, My son is 4 months old and he has been really grumpy before bed lately. It has taken up to 2 hrs to get him to sleep, he cries for up to an hr and when he is asleep he...

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My one month old is sick!!!!

He has a head cough and his doctor told me to get him Saline Mist to spray in his nose to get the mucus out. It is coming out but not fast enough. The mucus is getting into his...


First thing that pops into your head...

What's the first thought in your head when you see a mom feeding a baby (6 months or younger) from a bottle? Not meant to be judgmental or rude and no hurt feelings here. I...

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