tap water or boiled water

dont know if this is a debate but do you use tap water or boiled water for making bottles what age did you switch over. Conflicting advice here the hospitals use boiled water...

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water: from the tap or bottle?

In another thread people were talking about whether or not they recycled and if they had to pay or not. I figure it is everyone's responsibility to recycle even if it means...

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saving $$$$

* use clothe dipers * cook extras and and make a "new" dish with the left overs also called "planed leftovers"

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Money box

I have got a tin money box that can not be opened with out a can opener which i put all of my coins in. you dont miss small change and it all adds up i have already banked up...

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Camping with 6 month old??

Hi! Can anyone help? My husband and I need to get away and would love to go camping but do not know how we would do this with our 6 month old. We have sadly stopped...


Whole milk at 1 years old

I just started giving my son whole milk. He is going to be 1 years old. I just dont know what to do when I go out? Is there something I can do or get to make it easier to carry...

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Microwaving bottles

Hi, I have been wondering how other moms heat up bottles.... I have BPA free bottles that I use (Avent and Dr. Brown) and have been microwaving them(30 secs) because it is...

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Bathing freakouts!

My four year old is moderately autistic and lately has begun freaking out at bath time. If I run the water in the tub, turn it completely off and then put him in he is fine. But...


Warming babies milk

What is the correct answer as to why we heat up a new born baby's bottle of formula and at what age can you start to give them room temperature fluids.


Serving Formula Cold?

Does anybody else do this? I have always warmed my daughter's bottles, but this last weekend we were on a camping trip and it just kinda made sense to give it to her cold, I...


help with walking

hi my name is carys im a single mum of two girls my youngest was born on 14th of october she into everything she shouldnt!! she clibes everything but doesnt have much intrest in...


Breastfeeding Road trip

DH wants to take a weekend trip to his dad's just outside Chicago. This is about a six hour drive for us. What are the realities of this kind of a road trip with an exclusively...

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