Childrens Clothing

I just saw a lil girl walk by who couldn't have been more than 6 years old and she was wearing a belly baring tube top and what could be classified as short short booty shorts....

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Baby Clothes

What is your opinion on mini adults clothes for babies particularly newborns wearing materials like denim? Did you dress your babies in mini me outfits or traditional baby...

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preteen girls and skimpy clothes

What do you think of pre-teen girls wearing skimpy clothes? Lets define pre-teens for this post as between 9-15, old enough to make their own clothing choices, but young...

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Views on bratz dolls

I do not agree with bratz dolls and have never bought them for my daughter. she recently turned 5 and received 2 as gifts, She understands that they are immodest and their image...

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I joined this site because I wanted to share my thoughts on a few issues I see are talked about here so here's one of the issues.I have come to the realization that kids and...


My Daughter Is Not Acting Her Age!

Recently, my daughter Angela has not been following my instructions. I know she is 14 years old and she may feel she needs some space, but I'm so concerned about her. Angela has...


How should i dress?

I'm 22 years old I work 2 part time jobs and go to school full time I have a 3 year old daughter and I'm engaged. Lately I've been feeling like I should Actually trying to look...

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where to shop

My daughter is at the age where she is done with the princess clothes phase but still to young for the teenage clothing. The only "tween" girls stores that I know of is Justice...

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For fun..your freakum dress???

you know what i mean, that dress in the back of the closet you pull out every once in awhile to remind the husband why he stopped you in the club that night... what does it...

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Kiddie Lingerie ?!?!?!?!?

Miley Cirus' 9 year old kid sister has launched her own Kiddie lingerie brand ...what do you think about the nighties and what about the provocative poses around the stripper...


Teenage girls scare the crap outta me!

Is anyone else horrified by how 13, 14, 15 year olds dress and act today?? I have some of my and my husband's younger cousins as friends on Facebook, and their albums are full...

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Dressing babies as BABIES!!!!

Do/Did you dress your babies in suits/onesies or big person clothes just in tiny sizes (jeans etc)???
Personally I've tried to keep my daughter looking like a baby for as...

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miley at 17

should she be dressed in short clothes and kissing a 26 year old in a video?..what do you think?, some people do consider her a role model

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