my 14mth hold has been diagnosed with asthma since he was 7mths old.during his first winter he was sick almost ALL the time, doctors told me to put him on a machine 4 to 5 times...

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which bottle to use??

My LO is 2mths old and I ebf, but every now and then I would like to give her a bottle, the bottle we have right now is the lansinhol mOmma , she acts like it comes out to fast,...

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BioGaia and vitamin C?

I have a 6 week old that is very gassy. Our nurse told us to use BioGaia instead of gripe water. I was wondering if we could give it to him while we are giving vitamin c drops...

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Postpartum Depression

I'm a 25 yr old mother and I have a 4 month old baby girl name Emily. I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression about a month after she was born. I realized that I was getting...

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worried about daughters hearing

i hadnt really thought about it untill we went for her 3mnth check up (last week). the doctor asked if she had started to 'babble'. which she hasnt...at all! she makes sounds,...


help please

Hi my 19 year old daughter thinks she can do as she pleases in our home. She works 1 day a week but could work more. Because of her boyfriend she wont. She attends university...


Can I trust them?

When my husband and I were moving out of his parent's house his mother was watching our daughter while I packed and he took things over to our place. As I was in our old room...

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My eight old son, who was diagnosed with tourette's two years ago has a terrible time getting to sleep and staying asleep. I am wondering if anyone else has the problem and...


Need some support here

My world is spinning upside down here and I need help. I just married my hubby a little over two months ago and he may be going to prison. He has two boys ages 6 and 8. One is...


Welcome to the group

I just wanted to say welcome to everyone who is joining the group. When I joined Circle of Moms there was no group for Homeschool Moms so I created one. I am a 35 year old mom...



It's been a while since I've been on here because I've been so busy lately. On January 30, I delivered a beautiful baby boy. For the first few days, everything was going great....


After c-section complication

I was just wondering if anybody else out there had any complications after they had a c-section. I had a c-section in 2007 and actually ended up catching Staph Infection and a...


Homeschooling SN child

My daughter has CP. She is 9 and in 3rd grade but school system has let us down tremendously over the last 3 years. Without getting to much into it, I have decided to...



I am nursing a 5 1/2 month old and have what I believe to be a plugged duct. I have been taking warm showers and trying to apply pressure, nursing frequently and pumping after...

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I have a 15 month old son who is being sooo picky an stubborn when it comes to solid foods. All he wants to eat is fruit, toast or nutragrainbars. We've tried everything from...

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Small snowboots for a toddler??

My ds started walking at 11 months, and it's snowy here and he wants to play outside with sissy. BUT< I can't find size 4 snowboots that are warm. The robeeze aren't waterproof...


Day Three Potty Training...

I have been potty training my 23 month old for a few months now. She has the understanding where she goes potty and why. I've put her on the potty every hour for a week until...