Wieght Watchers Recipies

Does anyone know some good wieght watcher recipies???? My baby is 5 months old and Im just now trying to loose my baby wieght. Can anyone help, please????


weight watchers

Hi. After the birthof my daughter almost 4 yearsago I went on weight watchers and I lost all of my baby weight. I was really proud of myself cuz I had gined a whopping 50lbs!...


Losing the weight

I gained a whopping 70 lbs with my baby. No, it wasn't twins either! The first 25 came off in about 2 weeks, but now I am lucky to lose a lb a week. I go back to work in 7 weeks...

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Need some help-Any Ideas??

I am on Weight Watchers and I have a ton of Rhubarb and need some ideas for recipes to make something decent that isn't full of sugar...Please help.


Weight not baby's! Mommy's!!

Okay I just gave birth to my third and put the least amount of weight on with this one! Only topped at 31 with my first two I put on 40-45. But she's three months exactly now...


The last ten pounds of baby weight

My last ten pounds of baby weight is taking FOREVER to come off. I even had a woman at church ask me if I was pregnant again because all the weight that is left is right in my...

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Which diets really work?

I overindulged a bit over the holidays. Do you have a weight-loss program that works for you? Thanks!

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Anyone interested in...?

Hello Ladies! I was reading an earlier post about Weight Watchers recipies and I thought to myself how great some people's responses were. I know for myself, I am trying very...


I need some good recipes for a diet...

My daughter will be 2 this month & I'm still trying to lose the last 20lbs (as well as some extra weight) from my pregnancy. It's been really hard for me to make dinners for my...


What to make with Ground Beef?

Ok, so I make meat loaf, hambergers, stuffed bell peppers already. What else is there to make with ground beef? My mom keeps buying it and I don't know what else to make with...


Food ideas

Hey guys I'm a new mom and new to being a stay at home mom. I'm not experienced in cooking so I'm looking for some great dishes to whip up that aren't too complicated. Got any...


I can't cook. Please help.

I am a really bad cook and I have a family that I have to cook for. I only know how to make a few things, so it seems like we are eating the same thing every week. Any one have...


i need dinner recipes!!

alright...i've made the decision...and i joined weight watchers online. there are a ton of recipe ideas on the site, but i need to know what's worked for you! what tastes...