Need some good finger food ideas

My son is starting to eat finger foods now...and I've started him on the gerber cereals, and graduates yogurt melts. But I need some homemade ideas. The gerber cereals, and...


Recipes ideas for the whole family?

Hey! Im stuck in a rut lately with dinner ideas for the whole family? Now that my son is eating whatever we eat, I want to give him a variety of things. I would love to hear...


Dairy and Soy

My daughter is suspected to be allergic to dairy and soy- Looking for others with same allergy for ideas/ support...She drinks rice milk and a supplement (peptamen Jr.)


recipe for child with allergies

i am in search of some good recipes i can cook for my son his allergies are wheat, rice, corn, gluten, soybeans, peanuts, tomatoes, oranges, cow milk, eggs and chocolate. any...


OAMC recipes to share?

Does anyone have any good OAMC recipes to share? I have a few right now, but most are pasta or chicken dishes and my husband wants BEEF!



I want to make meatloaf but I don't know how to make. Can anyone help me?


Healthy substitutes

I'm cutting back our intake of fatty and hi-sugar foods. Any tips on where I can make little changes without sacrificing flavor ie use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and...


Healthier Mac'N'Cheese

My kids love this lighter version of Mac/n'cheese even though they know there is squash in it. 2 1/4 cups of milk 1 pkg. frozen squash, the pureed kind 1/2 tsp. mustard...


Need ideas, what can I put in my two year old

I have a two year old. I hate to cook, but when I do, I make enough for leftover lunches. I don't use pre-packaged foods other than yogurt. We are on a tight budget. I feel like...

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Meatloaf Anyone?

Hi I am 24 and have never made meatloaf before EVER! I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make a good meatloaf (including how long you cook it for and on what?) or...


favorite foods

at this stage it's sometimes hard to figure out what to give my baby for lunch or dinner... so if we all share our baby's favorites, we might get some new ideas! Nico loves a...

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Gluten Free...?

Does anyone else have a baby/child that is gluten intolerant? My 13 month old is. We figured it out when she was about 10 months old. There are quite a few things out there...


Finger foods!

Hi! My 19 mth old son is suddenly not interested in food! He's very active and only wants to eat white meat chicken nuggets . I need some ideas on finger foods that he might...


how much food do you waste....

i was thinking about this earlier today when i was reading the do you kids know where your food comes from thread, and now again the in GM food debate, and we as a group waste...

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