Need Advice on switching soaps

Hi, I have been washing my dipes with All free and clear, along with white vinegar and baking soda. This is getting a little expensive to buy all 3. I have heard lots of...



This post is inspired by Heather Hart's post "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles". Bubbles are a great summer time activity (and winter too BTW!) so I have a few tips and tricks to share...


Homemade Detergent

So I know we've all talked about different detergents for CD, and which ones work well. But I've been making a homemade recipe for awhile now. I'm using the recipe that calls...


Here's a few things I've learned!

Baking soda is your best friend, use it on carpets before you vacuum to bring out the smell, but vacuum twice over it or youll have 'soda spots' on area's that have been damp in...

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Washing and detergent

What detergent do y'all use? I have a front loader. My diapers always seem to smell as soon as urine hits them despite washing according to directions- I have Bum Genius and use...


tip to save money

Make homemade laundry detergent. I have been doing this for a while, and it is so cheap. It costs me only $15 a year for all the ingrediants. 1/3 bar ivory soap 1/2 cup baking...

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Dugger family recipe's

NEW! ~ Grandpa Duggar's Favorite Banana Cake 1 box yellow cake mix 2 boxes vanilla pudding mix 5 bananas Prepare cake mix & pudding as directed on boxes. After baking cake,...


Animal Testing

So the going green thread got me thinking about animal testing. What's your take on that? Do you know that 99% of our cosmetics, detergents, cleaners etc....are animal...

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Ready to save

I'm all about saving money these days. Not sure how this group works, but I'm looking forward to any tips, and maybe sharing some of my own.

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Detergent for sensative skin

My one year old has VERY sensative skin... I have yet to find a detergent that is good for the diapers and doesn't make her break out in a blistered rash.... I've been washing...


Best Cloth Diaper Bundle Packs?

Hey ladies so I know there was a post somewhere about cloth diapers but I was wondering which cloth diaper bundles would you suggest? I'm looking at the ones that are less than...

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Constipated baby

My son started crying this morning when he was trying to push his poop out. It's been harder than normal for a few days now. We give him prunes. Is there anything else you'd...