Baby's First White Noise CD

Has anybody ever used the Baby's First White Noise CD? I am moving my 9 month old from our bed to his crib. He is napping good, but noise carries quite easily in our home. I...


mom/kids addicted to white noise to sleep

Is it possible, do you think, that white noise every night ALL night could be harmful to my little ones ears? We use the Homemedics machine set on "waterfall" in everyone's...

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No sleep

Hi I'm Eliana I have twins girl the problem is every day they wake up in middle of night I'm very tired what I have to do to make them sleep all night

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sleeping the night

Does anyone have any tips to help get my baby to sleep longer then 3 hours at a time during the night?


My 3 Year Old Daughter Wants To Be A...

not a princess not a fairy she wants to be a juice box...apple juice to be exact. I almost peed my pants when she told me this...now I'm trying to find a box just the right...

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No sleep

My 3 year old daughter still does not sleep through the night! Wakes between 2-3 times every night! Iv tried everything I can think of! I am due another baby in 5 weeks and...


Nightmares at 2?

My 2 year old has been showing alot of signs of nightmares recently. She gets very scared during the day with new people or excitement that she doesn't understand and she had...


I need my bed back!

My baby always slept in her own bed until she was about 5 months and then she decided she wouldn't sleep unless she was in my bed she is now 7 months old and I cant take it...


night sleeping

Hi everyone, I have a son who was born 10 weeks early and he is 18 months now. Since his first birthday, he has not been sleeping well during nights. We have bed time routines....


You have GOT to be kidding me!

ABC has apparently decided that "Sarah Palin has yet again found a way to make it about her." Um.....I could have sworn the media brought her into it and made it about her. Her...


Restless Sleeper

My daughter is having a heck of a time sleeping through the night. You would think at almost 8 months, she would just sleep through the night already!! She recently started this...

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Sleeping....or not!

Has anyone got any useful tips for helping babies sleep better through the night??? my son is 6 and a half months old and still wakes continuously at night. even takes a feed...

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