Healthy party packs

Does anyone have suggestions what to put into the party packs for the birthday party at the day care centre?


1yr old Food menu??

My 1yr old daughter loves to eat. she eats anything also. not picky at all. I dont like giving her baby food all the time which there isn't a lot to choose from. what is easy to...


What to EAT and How Much?

Hi Mommies: What are you feeding your 16-month old for lunch/dinner? How many snacks a day are you feeding them? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Ideas to replace granola bars

My family loves granola bars. We try hard to eat well, but we run into issues when we are out of the house. We all need to have a snack when we go out. For a long time we used...


Mac N Cheese?

My 14 mo old Daughter will only eat Mac n Cheese and original Goldfish. is this okay or should i offer other things and just let her get hungry until she eats other things I...


Not wanting to eat?

My one year old acts like he's so starving, but when I try to give him supper, he wants nothing to do with it. It seems like he isn't getting enough to eat. Do I try to make...


21 Months and not eating anything

My 21 month old doesn't eat. He has sensory issues, and I know alot of it probably has to do with that, but I am at the end of my rope here. I'm starting to not even care,...

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Foods after 12mos

My son is one and it seems like there is not that much table food I can give him. Any ideas?

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I'm going to take this down a slightly different path since we had been discussing diapers and makeup :) .. While at Target last week, they had Goldfish on sale. My son happens...


School lunches...

My daughter is starting JK in a couple of weeks, for the second time (had MANY problems with the first school, so we switched her to a new one). What foods, other than...


Big People Food.

My daughter Kennady is 11 months old. We have been starting her on "big people food" I was curious as to what types of "big people food" that you give your kids at this age &...

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Fish Question...Not a Debate

We got our son a 3 gallon fish tank for Christmas and I was thinking about getting him a Betta fish. Does anyone know if they are hard to maintain? I've read some stuff on...

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Any good ideas on feeding my little girl?

I have a little girl who doesn't like anthing with a texture to it. Even if it's a little piece of rice, she refuses to chew. If she can feel even the tinest grain like wheat...

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