I wanna hear..Everyones birth stories!!!

Another thread inspired me. I love hearing everyones different yet amazing stories. So lets hear them! Ill start off with mine. Well with my first daughter I went through 8...

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Twins first word?

I have twin 10 month, identical boys. They talk, a lot, but I haven't heard a specific word yet; like mama or dada or anything. I have a lot of friends who have one baby around...

Started by Rachel on 06/08/2010 in Twins

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Fear of Thunder Storms

My 7 year old daughter has this unnatural fear of thunderstorms. If it is storming and we are in the house she has to go to the darkest room in the house with all of the...

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9 More Days:Getting Nervous Now! PLEASE HELP

I only have nine more days left and I am starting to get really nervous now...I am more nervous now for the CS then I was with my first son...Please Help! It is planned and...

Started by Samantha on 11/02/2011 in Due November 2011

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whos dating yet ?

im 23 my daughter is nearly 2, dad has nothing 2do wiv her at all, i get 2 go once every 3months, ive started 2 think about dating again but jus dont no how 2 as i dont go...

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co-sleeping and naps

I have a 6 month old and she has slept in bed with me her whole life. we didnt have a crib at first then it just became easier to leave her in bed with me. now sometimes if i...

Started by Amanda on 02/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Moving to the crib

Any suggestions on how to get my little one to sleep in her crib. She is 6 weeks old and still startles a lot. Every time I put her in her crib she startles like crazy and...



Hi my daughter Madilynn is two months old now. Ever since she was born she wont sleep on her back, or side unless shes propped up. So the night we came home, we made the...



Id like to find out more about melaleuca as a way to supplement my income. Does anyone have any success or horror stories to help guide my decision