Babies with colic

Any ideas other than cloic drops, our baby has terrible colic what can we do?


colic or is it???

Hi all my nearly 7 week old daughter Ava appears to have Colic which requires my extra patience for most of the day as she is constantly unsettled until she exhausts herself and...



My baby is 12 weeks old tomorrow, hes had colic in the evenings since he was a few weeks old but then since last week he has been crying on & off all day. It starts just after...


Breastfeeding troubles!

Hi there, my son is now 4 months 8 days. For the last month he has been fussing and fighting during the day during feeding times; but he will feed at night. I have...

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how to relieve colic

hi guys i have a 6 week old the last day or so she been screaming allday as i go to lay her in bed she starts crying but she will sleep in my arms. i think she may be...

Started by Monica on 07/05/2010 in May 2010

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Baby won't Burp

My baby boy is 4 weeks old, and I can't ever seem to get him to burp very well.. I burp him every ounce or so because of spit up issues, but sometimes it is taking me a good...


6.5 week old VERY fussy while nursing??

My second child is 6.5 weeks old. He's been nursing great right from the start and I was excited because my first child just would not latch no matter how hard we tried and I...

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