Any ideas on how to get my 15m to drink more than one sippy cup of milk that is like 9 oz. she just refuses to drink it. dr says she is to be drinking atleast 24oz a day she is...


Very Emotional At Thought Of Weaning!

I've been breastfeeding my baby since her birth and everything was going great until I had a severe case of mastitis that put me in the hospital for 4 days. The whole time I was...

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The Kids are Alright

http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/03/31/stepp.kids.all.right/index.html?hpt=Sbin There are lots of comments here on COM and out there in the rest of the world about how bad...

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My Intro....

1st off hello everyone I am new here, I am a mom to a micro baby. Brooklynn Paige was due 12-10-09 but made her apperance 09-10-09, I was 27weeks she was 2lbs 4oz and 14in long,...


civil responsibility

hubby and I were having a discussion last night about how too often these days people see or hear something that is wrong such as a parent abusing a child, a man beating his...

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Choosing Sex of Child?

ok... so it's coming... soon it may be possible to choose the sex of ur baby... they already have two form of technology that will allow it... so are you for it or against it?...

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could it be that serious?

My 7 year old hasn't been himself lately. About a month ago, he started eating less which is incredibly odd for him. He is very tall and skinny, and eats more than I do most...


Toddlers Weight Gain?

My daughter is 16 months old and is having a very hard time putting weight on. She went to the doctor when she was sick she weighed 18 pounds and we went back a month later for...


Dead beat dad.... I need help.

Hello everyone. I live in Texas and have an 11 month old son. After dating for 4 years, I got pregnant. The father left when I was 4 months pregnant. Shortly after, I learned my...

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I'm at a loss

I need an outside opinion -- even though it might be hard with out all the facts ( it would take forever to give all of them) but we are trying and the results are so slow -- if...

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Induction/C-section before 40 weeks

Alarmed by an increase in the number of women choosing to give birth early, health officials are urging expectant mothers and their doctors to observe the virtue of patience....

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Why single Moms are Bad for Society

Re-Posted from Cafemom Another day, another group of judgmental a-holes trying to make an already maligned group feel badly about themselves. In a surprising (at least to me)...

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Store owners' rules upset some customers

Okay, so I wear WHOLE SHIRTS, so this doesnt bother me, but it seems it does others, would this be an upset to you? here is the link so you can see the pic...

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