teething solution!!

ok so my son is almost seven months old and just started teething this week, and for all those moms who cant find anything that will work on the pain, be it Tylenol or baby...


Left over diapers

Have you ever had disposable diapers left over because your baby outgrew that size and no one else wants them because they have been open for a while? I have a couple of...


You know your a mom when......

You run the washing machine every day. You can't remember the last time you went to the bathroom unobserved. Afternoons give way to 15 minutes of pre dawn,...

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my son is 4 month and teething really bad can i give him a baby tooth brush to crew on, my 2 yr old didnt start teething till she was 6months so i new she could have 1 at that...


New to group

Hi ladies I'm new to the group and just thought I would share some of my favorite recipes. 1 Pork Chops with cranberry sause ( I don't care for cranberrysbut I love this...


Baby Food

Will you be making pureed food for the baby when they're old enough to start eating it or will you be buying the pre-jarred food? If you're going to be making it yourself, will...


Storage for Leveled Books

Does anyone have an idea for my first graders to store their leveled books? We do Readers Workshop and the children need to keep & carry books at their individual reading...

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baby food

what kind/brand of baby food do you recommend i get for my 6 month old

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Another newbie to the group! I have 8mos. twins and a 2 yr old. --- I have great ideas of what I want. But, being the perfectionist that I am with "art" projects-- I feel...

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Making baby food questions???

Ok not looking for all the reasons why making your own baby food is better...not looking to insult or be swayed either way. I was wanting to try and make my own baby food...

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Teething Tablets

Has anyone used teething tablets?? i have read a few scary things about them . just wanted to see what everyone thinks