Toronto (East End) Mommies

A group for all Toronto Mommies that live in the East End. A way to share information on places, events and great shopping location that are local and not too far away.


Unique Baby Stores

I'm looking for a store in the East end of the City, or even Pickering / Ajax that sells unique baby items. I do a lot of shopping online, but am tired of paying shipping...


Call for Twinkle Videos!

Hi mommies! I'm an East end mama and my daughter is a patient at SickKids hospital. have challenged myself to learn Mozart's twinkle piano variations in less than 2 weeks to...


playdates n inducing myslef

Hi I'm new to this group i would like to induce myself I'm Victoria 26 years old stay at home mom (sahm) with a 3 year old son named Kevin he just turned 3 in april we live in...



Hi everyone How are you all? My name is Julia and I have a daughter whom is 1 year and 5 months. I would like for her to socialize more with other children. I would also to...


Play Dates

Hi there, I'm 18, almost 19 years old with a 5 month old little girl. I am looking for play dates for her on weekends or weekdays with children hopefully not far from her age. I...


Nice Days

Well the nice days have come and i am sure they will be coming back soon... I was wondering it anyone knew of some good and CLEAN parks that i could bring my 21 month old...



Welcome to Toronto (East End) Mommies. \n\nI\'ve opened a few more conversations that I am interested in. Please feel free to reply or open your own conversations. Spread the...


Winter Walking

As we know, walking is next to impossible on some city streets in the winter. Does anyone go for winter walks at any parks with cleared paths? Something a stroller will glide...


Mom & Tot groups

Does anyone know a place to sign up for exercise classes that you can bring your baby to in Scarborough?