Tourettes Syndrome and kids

Moms of kids dealing with Tourettes Syndrome and the "label" and "misunderstood" issues that come with it. Let us all join and raise awareness, exchange stories, vent, and share our joys, conerns and life with our TS kiddos.


My 5 year Old Grandson

My son now 26 years old was diagnosed with TS at the age of 12 but had symptoms way before that - most likely at infancy. Now I am raising my 5 year old grandson and he just...


shoulder. tics

Hi, everyone, not quite sure if im on yet. My son is developing lots of tics, getting him back assessed soon. He had repetertive hand and back movement 1 till4. Now age 10 he...


My sons new tic

My 8 yr old son just delveloped a new tic. He seems to change them . First he would stop walking to squat in a funny way and it became bad. He finally stopped doing that. Then...


My son just developed a

Hello everyone. My son is 6 going on 7. My husband and I noticed him blinking his eyes and "twitching" his head here and there. However, about 3 days ago we noticed him having...


Could my son have tourettes?

Hi everyone! I need some advice. I have a feeling that my son has tourettes. He makes all kinds of noises,(for instance squealing,snorting like a pig,quacking,etc,they change...