Traveling Moms and Babies

This is for moms and dads who have to travel frequently with their baby for work or whatever else. Hoping to share information about travel tips, airlines, equipment, packing, hotels, car rentals, discounts, and staying in contact while on the road.


Do you have a passport for your baby?

I just filled out the application for my baby's passport (he's our #5), and I'm just wondering how many mom's have passports for their babies. I took the photo myself, which...


Air travel with an infant

Hi, I will be travelling by air for a family vacation soon. I need some hints/tips/suggestions on making the trip easier. My baby will be almost 7 mths old when we leave....



I found that Southwest is helpful in getting on the plane early. Also, you can take two check on bags for free, unlike other airlines. And their seas seem to have more space....


First time travel

Hey everybody I'm a single mom and I will be flying with my 15 month old son for the first time next week. We will be flying with American Airlines. We have a 2 hour flight then...


Best Traveling equiment and technology

I just thought I would kick this conversation off with a list of helpful equipment for traveling with your baby: Ergo baby carrier: can leave baby on you while going through...