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Traveling With Children

Share tips on traveling with children and games to occupy them with other members of Circle of Moms.


How do you plan your vacation?

This is Adina and I am making some research to see how people usually plan their vacation/weekend getaways etc. I would really appreciate your answers. SO: Do you prefer to...


Family Trip to Disney World - May 2013

Trying to plan a family trip to Disney World for my husband and 4-year b/g twins. What an overwhelming process based on all the hotels, parks, expenses, etc. Any advice would be...


Caribbean with a 1 Year Old?

I live in Chicago and I am trying to find a family friendly beach resort that isn't super far to get to. I am looking to escape the cold in January. Preferable a Caribbean...


What can I take with me on the plane?

With all these restrictions, what am I able to take on the plane for my 1 year old? Can I take jared food? Freeze dried fruit? Juice? Formula? I'm also going international...


Let me introduce: City Strollers!

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking, how nice it would be to visit the beautiful German city Hamburg with your loved ones? But then banish the thought immediately because...


Travel with baby advice

Travelling with the whole family can get stressful sometimes especially when it comes to preparation and packing. If you're the type of mom that loves outdoor fun with your...


win an $800 weekend in San Francisco

On FamiliesGo! this month we're giving away an $800 weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (including hotel, 2 dinners and siteseeing). It's a great time to check out the site if...