3 day car ride with 21 month old.

Bethanie - posted on 03/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have already flown with my son 3 times by myself and done quite a few 2-3 1/2 hour car trips, but next month, my husband and I are planning on driving from Central Wa to Upstate MN by car with our son AND dog. This trip will take us approx. 3 days (with all the stopping). I do plan on getting a portable DVD player and of course have lots of snacks and a few toys but what else would you suggest? Some cool gadget for the car or any suggestions on trays that attach to the carseat (I was considering one)? Neck pillows? Thanks!


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Deborah - posted on 08/04/2010




I made this check list for my clients and I send it to them with their vacation documents. I also found that if you have the extra toys make them a prize' something to earn it will be more fun for you and the children.

Pre-Vacation Check List
o Passports, Driver’s License or Identification
o Leave copy of Passports with Emergency Contact
o Travel Documents with Record Locator Numbers
o Carry On w/ Goodies no liquids
o Luggage
o Camera / Camera Batteries
o Luggage Tags
o Variety of sizes Zip Loc Bags
o Pocketbook and Wallet with only the essentials Id’s, cc’s, emergency numbers
o Toiletries 3 oz or less in quart size bag for flight
o Make a record of Credit Card numbers and direct line not 800 in case of lost or stolen (Keep in Safe Place with you and at home)

Vacation Packing Checklists ~ Electronics
o Cell phone/charger
o Camera, manual, charger, extra chip/film
o Lap Top/Palm Pilot and charger
o iPod/Discman/MP3/ CD player charger
o Foreign-language dictionary/ Phrase book
o Compact DVD player and DVD's

Vacation Packing Checklists ~ Medical
o Prescription medications
o Vitamins/ Herbal remedies
o Imodium
o Wide spectrum antibiotic
o Antacid
o Band-Aids
o Benadryl
o Contraception/ Protection
o Insect repellent
o Contact lens solution/case
o Anti-itch cream - Benadryl cream
o Extra pair of eyeglasses
o Motion sickness remedy
o Laxative
o Lubricant
o Analgesic - Ibuprofen, Tylenol etc.
o Sunscreen

Vacation Packing Checklists ~ Documents
o Travel Document Record Locator Numbers
o Cash/ Credit cards/ Debit card/ Traveler’s checks
o Driver's license/ International driver's license
o Emergency numbers/ Embassy address
o Passport/ Visa/ Birth certificate
o Pre-paid phone card
o Itinerary
o Travel Guide(s)/ Maps and directions
o Journal/ Notebook and pen

Vacation Packing Checklists ~ Miscellaneous
o Sunglasses
o Anti-bacterial wipes or gel
o Small sewing kit/safety pins
o First Aid kit
o Crazy Glue
o Mini duct tape
o Keys
o Luggage locks
o Massage oil
o Plastic Zip-Loc bags variety of sizes
o Garbage bags
o Playing cards/ Crib board/ Dice
o Q-Tips
o Ear plugs
o Sports gear
o Umbrella
o Reading material
o Tweezers/ Nail clippers
o Small mirror
o Small flashlight
o Eyeglass repair kit/ Lens cloth
o Speedsew (or some fabric glue)
o Stain remover pen or wipes

His Vacation Packing Checklists

o Belts/ Suspenders/ Ties/ Tie pins
o Underwear/ Socks
o Casual shirts/ T-shirts/ Dress shirts
o Dress shoes/ Sandals/ Athletic shoes
o Hat/ Cap/ Wide brim
o Pants/ Shorts
o Pajamas/ Robe/ Slippers
o Sports jacket
o Suit
o Swim suit
o Workout clothes
o Comb/ Brush
o Deodorant
o Lip balm
o Shaving kit/ Shaving Cream
o Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Styling Products
o Toothbrush/ Oral hygiene products

Her Vacation Packing Checklists
o Bathing suit and cover-up
o Bras/panties/girdle/slip/bodysuit/socks
o Lingerie/ Sleep shirt/ Robe/ Slippers
o Jewelry/ Accessories
o Skirt/ Blouse/ Dress/ Jacket
o Pareo/ Sarong
o Sandals/ Flip-flops/ Dress shoes
o Shorts/ Capri’s/ Pants
o Sweater or warm shirt
o Wide-brimmed hat
o Tank/ Halter/ Sleeveless tops
o Workout clothes/ Tennis shoes
o Comb/ Brush
o Deodorant
o Tampons/ Pads/ Pantyliners
o Razor or other
o Makeup/ Makeup remover
o Moisturizer/ SPF/ Skin care products
o Toothbrush/ Other oral hygiene
o Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Styling products
o Hair styling tools and accessories
Before you Leave Home
o Stop mail or arrange for pick up
o Stop newspaper
o Set light timers
o Unplug small appliances
o Turn off water and gas
o Leave a copy of Itinerary and Emergency numbers
o Empty Trash cans from around house and take out
o Clear sink and run dishwasher

Kathryn - posted on 07/31/2010




This is what I am doing on my up coming trip....

I bought some new toys at the dollar store and put them in a gift bag, so on the trip my son will have a "present" full of new toys. I will be bringing some books, magna doodle, and color wonder markers w/ paper on a clipboard. Get one of those clipboards that have a compartment where you can store them markers and extra paper.

If you child isn't pottly trained buy some overnight diapers for them to wear in the car, but change him a few times during the day.

If you have a babies r us near you this tray works out great. I have never had success with neck pillows but let them bring a small pillow you can wedge between their head and the carseat to make it more comfortable.

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