Tri Cities of WA state

for moms in the tri cities and surronding areas, meet new firends, share ideas and advice and any thing else :)


Tri Cities Pre School

Good Morning Everyone, I'm searching for a preschool for my daughter for next fall - I've visited Sagebrush and was very impressed and am leaning towards putting her there if we...


im bad at this

so i know i am the admin for this group, but since most of us talk to one another on the profile pages i figured i would say here that i am very intrested in growing this group...


to all

I wish you all a happy 2009!! those of us expecting new babies in the next dew months....hang in there, our little bundles of joy will be here soon!!


any good books?

any one ready any good books lately? if so, please share them. I actually read the true storey about maureen mccormick ( maria brady) very intresting life she has had.



get everyone you know from TC on here :) the more the merrier!!


hi girls

hi TC girls!! i thought this would be a good way to get the word out to all of us at the same time since we are on each others friends list :)