I need some advise on getting my triplets boys to sleep all night

Jean - posted on 04/15/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am the mother of triplet boys, who will turn one in May. I work full time and my husband and mother care for the boys during the day. I need some advise. They dont nap very long during the afternoon, they eat dinner and in bed by 8:00pm. The trouble I'm having is, how do i get them to sleep thru the night, or at least till 5am. They share a room but are in different cribs. I can't let one cry because he may wake the other one or both.

Any help for this mama with drama would be appreciated.


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Hmm, my boys have always shared a room & typically don't wake each other their cries. They have slept through the night since 4 months (I'm lucky, not bragging) What is their daytime schedule like? I have found that if I am not consistent with nap times & meal times, it throws everything off. Also the later they stay up the earlier they wake up :\ Here is a glimpse of what our routine looks like:
7am-ish, wake, change diapers & give bottles/sippy cups
8:30am, breakfast... lots & lots of breakfast (my boys are eating machines since turning one, last week)
after breakfast I dress them & let them play...
9:45, change diapers
10am, naps, they usually sleep 1 1/2 to 2 hours
12noon, lunch, I am transitioning off bottles so they get cups with milk while they eat...
1pm, bottles with leftover milk from lunch.
2pm, naps (another 1 1.2 to 2 hours)
3:30/4pm, snacks & cups with milk then more playtime
5:30pm, dinner
6:30pm, bottles with milk left from dinner
7pm, dress for bed, brush teeth, read books
7:30, bedtime

If we get off schedule with dinner & bedtime, it throws the whole night off & they will usually wake early or through the night. I try to stay consistent especially with dinner & bedtime!!! Once they got the routine down (after just a few days) they go down without a fight & usually wake up & play with each other until I get them.

I hope this helps :)

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