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Susan - posted on 06/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 5 yr old gbg triplets. one girl is a bit tomboyish but can be girly too. my other girl can be pretty girly. they are both well rounded. my son however, is very into his sisters' things. he loved to dress up as a princess when he was 2,3,4 and probably still would except he is just too big. he is fascinated with nail polish, lipstick, high heels and dresses. he does not socialize with the boys in his class. he does a little with the girls. he is kind of a loner. he is definately surrounded by girls most of the time. he loves barbies and polly pocket type toys that he can dress up. he even 'dresses' in his bathroom towel and twirls around like a bride! he is not into anything boyish accept thomas the train which is even not that often anymore. any ideas or experience with this? i love him regardless but was just curious if any other g g b boys have gone through this. thanks.


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Hi Susan, My name is Jodi, and my triplets are all girls, but I have three older children, girl-10yrs, girl-7yrs and my son 5rs. Being the only boy in a family of 5 sister, he liked a lot of the girly stuff also. my husband use to worry more than my self. I have found since starting school this year he has improved, being with boys more maybe. Maybe if u have friends with boys his age u could try getting together? Try playing different boy games even with the girls to see wot interests him? I think being surrounded by girls makes it harder for them, but I wouldnt worry too much.


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Michele - posted on 07/03/2009




My GGB triplets are 5 and there have been times that my son does the girly stuff with them and it was worse before his brother was old enough to play with and before he was in pre-school with other boys. Now he is all about the play fighting (or in my opinion real fighting that we call play). Do your kids go to pre-school or day care where he has other boys his age? We ended up buying boy dress up stuff, spiderman, clone fighters, firefighters, etc., so that he had dress up stuff too. Not that we would tell him he couldn't wear a princess dress but sometimes I think the kids just want to dress up so if there isn't a gender appopriate costume available they just make do. We still have little things that come up, like today the girls wore dresses that are red, white and blue for the holiday and he wanted something dress up too because he knew they would get additional attention being dressed up.

Hope this helps!

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