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Rita - posted on 07/01/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I cant express the joy of being a mother of trips BBB turning 8 years old in August. If someone told me 5 or 6 years ago that I could enjoy them so much, I would never have believed them. The beginning was so overwhelming for us, that a nervous breakdown or divorce was around the corner. They are the best kids a mother could ask for. Healthy, independent ,smart and rambunkshis boys! I think there personalities feed off eachother. So different in everyeay but yet I'm not sure how well they would function without eachother for long periods of time. We have chosen to keep them in the same class for as long as we can and being in a small school. It looks like it wont be a problem. They are brothers that protect and help eachother with the occasional issue of " he hit me first". I love to volunteer at their school to see them walk by and go to the library they share friends and have their own freinds. It is quit a circle to observe.

I take pride and feel blessed to be the mother of these three boys.


Andee - posted on 09/18/2011




Hi Rita!
It is so amazing how wonderful it is when the trio gets older! Yes, they DO feed off each other - even at 19 mine do quite often. The multiple bond is greater than the sibling bond. But in time, they do spend more and more time away from one another. I've found it best to let them work out if the time is right for separate activities. It works out so much better when they choose. If I or their dad pushed for separate (or together) when one or more of them didn't want it or wasn't quite ready for it there were/are always problems. Not so when they were/are able to decide for themselves.

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