Traveling with mutliples?

Jessica - posted on 12/21/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm getting ready to embark on our first family trip cross country. We live in Nebraska and are going to see my family in South Carolina. We are driving (17hours) and wondering if anybody had a tips to make the trip go smooth. Also the other side of our family lives in California and New Hampshire and the best way for us to see them is to fly, Could anyone fill us in on how air travel would work with 3 infants and 2 parents? Thanks.


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Hi there, we did England - Germany most years in the car but with my parents so both me and my Mum would be in the back with the babies which was a great help. We had loads of stops for feeding and nappies, but as long as you allow for this it wasn't as bad as I ever thought it would be. I would check with the airline about flying with three kids as we were told when they were younger that you had to have one adult per child, so we always had to go with someone else when they were little. Hope you have a great adventure!!

Elizabeth - posted on 02/14/2009




Hey. We have been to NY and TX with my triplet boys when they were 3 and 4 yrs old. We had a tv set in our car and my sister went with us. We drove straight there from Savannah Ga and Back. They did great other then some motion sickness. But we stopped at rest stops every few hrs or so when they would get restless. We would also go into restraunts so they could stretch their legs. But they enjoyed it and are great travelers.
Hope your trip goes great. We also had those magic wonder colors that only stay on the paper. Well gotta go to bed.
again hope this works for ya.

Cynthia - posted on 01/09/2009




we went from NC to Florida in the summer when my girls were about 19 monhts old. We did the travel DVD player. We started at 6am. Gave them breakfast in the car, made them nap at their regular nap time and stopped for lunch. We always stopped at places were we could let them run around. They slept a lot in the car and still slept well at night. After about 12 hours, they REALLY wanted out of the car.

Jennifer - posted on 01/03/2009





I recently traveled from sc to nyc 15 hrs driving alone me and the babies (18 ,omths old) did most of tyhe driving at night so that they would be asleep and stopped every few hrs for diaper changes and to strech legs - stocked up on travel toys and portable dvd played with all thier fav movies - did really well - just b patient with them and talk with them a lot and they should be fine!

Stacy - posted on 01/01/2009




We took our first car trip with our triplets this past summer, they were 18 months at the time. I was worried but it really went smooth. We have a minivan so I sat in the middle seat so that I could be nearer to them. We took our portable DVD player and the kids favorite DVDs. I packed snacks like crackers, juice boxes, ect. Also, books were very helpful as my kids like to look at books. We made a stop every three or four hours to let the kids run around for ten minutes or so. My best advise is to be flexible and keep plenty of your kids favorites within reach. Good luck.

Christina - posted on 01/01/2009




My kids are 9 years now, but they have been traveling with us since they were 6 months old. We drove from CA to TX. Be prepared to make many stops, take your time, and just know that you will need some extra patience. Follow your home routine as much as possible. Flying was easier. I sat with two, my husband sat with one on the plane. Take a new small toy for every hour you are on the plane it will keep them interested. I am not sure of the age of your children....

I hope this is helpful. Traveling with our kids when they were young was difficult, but worth it. They are great travelers and resturant people.

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