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Emily - posted on 07/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi guys, Im new on here. I found this site after having a breakdown on facebook to my friends and someone kindly pointed me to here. I am 28 and have 5 children, 2 boys - aged 8 and 7 and identical triplet girls who are 5. I really need some advise from anyone who has had triplets. My girls just do not sleep, they have so much energy and never seem to tire. We've tried everything to get them to relax but as soon as we leave the room they start jumping aroung, fighting, screaming, singing.....everything but sleep. Other than them being seperated I cant think of anything else to try and it's really getting me down. We live in a three bed house, they boys have shared a room since they were 3 and 18mths and have never have always gone straight to sleep. This has been happening since before they were 3. Please help x


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Oh girlfriend I'm sorry. I agree with Elyse on the meletonin. Make them take it with a nightly vitamin so it's routine or slip them some benadryl. Also - and this will sound bad but I'm saying it with love - you could just lock them in their room at bedtime and unscrew the lightbulbs. I saw a mom on tv do something similar with her deaf/blind twins who didn't know night from day. They figure it out. You're in survival mode and no one will judge you. Keep us posted and hang in there.

Elyse - posted on 08/08/2012




I have not had this problem but it sounds like you desperately need a break!
There are a few questions that come to mind:
1. Do they sleep well once they are asleep? If not, I would see what your pediatrician thinks.
2. You mentioned separating them. Have you done that? It is essential. They are playing off of each other and it is keeping them awake. If you don't have enough rooms, put them in whatever rooms you have, even if they are in your room at first. You can always move them after they fall asleep. Let your older boys stay up with a quiet activity in the living room while you and two helpers (spouse or friends) get them settled with their bedtime routine. (bath/book) Let your boys know they will have a special treat if they cooperate by not disturbing bedtime for the girls. Try to keep the routine the same each night. I love the video "Goodnight Moon"- we watched it with them every night when they were young, with lights out.
3. Buy melatonin from a health food store and give it to them about a half hour before bedtime. It is all natural and helps the body get into a "sleep mode". My daughter who has ADHD takes it at night.
4. Make sure you are clear with them about the rules, be firm and then leave. Don't rush to go back in at the first noise. It will take awhile for them to get used to the idea. The boys can crash in the living room if they get too tired to wait. Once everyone gets into the routine, they can all fall asleep in their own bed rooms.
I hope these ideas help you! Be strong!

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