Trucking hubby moms

If you're a Truck Driver's wife (Local or over the road) You know the stress. You know about taking care of your children by yourself and you know the great feeling that your hubby is delivering the good stuff!


What do you do when he is gone?

My daughter and I have a completely different schedule when my husband is gone compared to when he is home. We have girl nights and picnic and movie nights. We have fun, but...


Hello there

Hey there, im pretty new here. My husband is a Truckdriver by Midland. We are actually from germany. I have two kids. There are 7 and 3 years old. Verena


Common Knowledge

The only thing tougher than a truck driver is a truck driver\'s wife!


When is this winter going to end?!

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if any of you are as sick of this winter as our family is. It's just too cold and the snow and ice have been horrible! My husband drives...


Hubbys losing his job :(

Hubby works for Conway. Being laid off coz of economy :( Sending him to another conway a few hours away could be4 for a few days or weeks till they dont need him any more. This...