Trying for baby number 2+

For women who are trying for another addition to their family! Baby Fever anyone?!


Invite Your friends!

I have a 21 month old son and have baby fever! My husband and I are trying to have baby number two and want to find others feeling the same as me!


Recommendations on vitamins etc

Hi, when i had my first baby i took pregnacare tabs everyday. I was wondering if there is something better? would folic acid on its own be enough? thanks x



I found out I was expecting our second child on Feruary 4! My estimated due date is October 8 or 9th! I am so excited and so surprised. It took us almost 1 year to conceive our...


Any BFP yet?

Anyone got a BFP yet? If so how long did it take you to conceive? Just curious....


BABY #2 Due in 3 months

We have our second child due this october =) Happy to find out we are having a girl!!! Now we have our one of each lol A bit nervous about having here here in ITaly but i cant...


Pregnant or not??

Hi, Just wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. Last time I wrote I told you guys I had two niegative pregnancy tests but now I look three months pregnant, I even...


When is too soon?

I just had my second baby about 2 months ago. My husband came to me the other night and we got talking we thought that we could try for baby number 3 in about a month to 2...


folic acid

hi, i took pregnacare tabs with my first baby, is there something better? would folic acid on its own be as good? thanks x


Thinking about number 2

My husband and I are thinking of number 2. My first is 5 months old. I am wondering about the time between pregnancies. I am also wondering if anyone who needed assistance with...


any1 else have difficulties with no2

I was just wondering if any one else had any difficulties consieving baby no2 and if they had any advice that could help.Me and my partner have been tryin for 6 months, i take...


Trying for #3

We are trying for number 3, but for some reason I am not getting my periods. I haven't got one for two months now and I am not pregnant two negative pregnancy tests. I had a 1...



need a pushchair. my first will be nearly 2 wen i have my second. and want a double pushchair but want the baby to face me and my older child to face out. have found 1 but its...