False positive?

Stefanie - posted on 12/01/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )





My husband and I were TTC, but about 2 months ago decided not to actually TRY. It sort of became a "if it happens that's great if not no big deal" situation.

Today while I was cleaning the bathroom I found a left over pregnancy test. I don't know why I decided to take it - I still have about 3-4 days before I'm actually supposed to get my period. Either way, it came back positive! I know there is such thing as a false negative, what about a false positive? Is it possible that because I took the test before I actually missed my period that it isn't reading accurately?


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Ishvisahaani - posted on 11/23/2016




If the test done from your side is proper (using first morning urine for test...) and there are no defects in the kit, the result could be true. There are still few kits which even show false positive (though rare). Best time to have a HPT is after missed period. As mostly it is 10-12 days after implantation the HPT kits could detect the hcg levels in urine. First it is better to know your possible implantation day to know when you can actually take a pregnancy test.

Ann - posted on 12/03/2014




It is possible but HPTs are designed to detect levels of HCG which creates the positive reading. The longer you're pregnant the levels increase. I would schedule an appt. with your OB and have them test you there. Better to do it now, than to sit and wonder. Believe me, it will drive you batty. Side note, I would still go, even if you spot or bleed after testing positive. It is true that even though you're bleeding it could be a result of the implantation occuring. Don't become fooled by bleeding, thinking you're in the clear. Many women have noted they bled and spotted at least once thinking because of that they may not be pregnant. But according to research some women bleed for different reasons during pregnancy and no they aren't all bad (such as miscarriage). Best wishes to you! Hope you receive the results you desire:)

Denikka - posted on 12/01/2012




It's *possible* but rare. It could be a defective test, but in general, it's very rare to get a false positive. The test looks for a hormone in your urine that indicates that you're pregnant. That particular hormone only shows up when you ARE pregnant.

Take another test, or go to the Dr's and get tested there. But it looks like you are indeed pregnant. Congrats :)

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