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Tweens- children aged 7-11

For mothers of tween children, the middle bit that no one ever tells you (age 7-11)


Lying through omission

Do any of you have a problem with your child lying through omission...example..."Do you have any homework?" "no" truth...well it isn't really homework we just brought home...


Cell Phones

Just wondering how many of your tweens have cell phones of their own? If they do, do you monitor their calls, and check their text messages? Lastly, do you use the cell phone...


Where Do You Shop For Tween Clothes?

I shop at many different stores for my three children. But where do y'all shop at? I know the tween years are where girls look up to pop stars like Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and...


Girls growing up too fast

What are your thoughts about society's pressure on our tween girls to grow up faster and faster. Examples: High healed shoes, low cut shirts, and adult style dresses, in...


7 year old sad about report card

I am looking for advice on how to explain to a second grade teacher that my son is trying his best to get great marks. This year the teacher is teaching grade 2-3 together...


Son hearing voices

Hi all my son has been telling me he hears voices when there is no one around is this normal for a 11 year old?


Leg shaving

My daughter is 9 and has been wanting to shave for a few months and I said no and so far that's been enough. I'm just waiting for her to try it out on her own or really...


Grown up questions

There are questions every parent knows that their child is going to ask. Where do babies come from? How do they get in there? I have half sibilings and she wants to know how...


Talking back

Up until the past few months I prided myself on my little girl being polite and respectful. Now I find her talking back to me, her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Pretty much...



my goodness!!! wes turned 8 in april, and dont i know it!!! his attitude is getting worse by the day im almost at the end of my tether!!! ive tried evrything!! gonna take him...


Bus accident #2

Robin here, I was outraged with the school staff,truck and the bus in that order ~ Since,April 2008 our son has been bullied along with other children on the bus, lunchtime and...



Where is my sweet little girl? Sarah will turn 9 (going on 19) in September and the drama and attitude coming from her is astonishing! Tonight was the perfect example ... her...


7 yr olds!!!!!

Oh my life!!! What happened to my lovely little boy? He cant seem to decide if hes going to be 17 or 2 yrs old!!!!! x


plugged ear...advice needed please

Hello. My oldest daughter has had a plugged ear for almost a month now. She just finished 10 days of antibiotics, and it's still plugged. Per the doctors advice, I've also...


love and hate

hello im sally ,mum of 3boys 1 girl , keanu and harry 10 and 8 well one min they get on next want to kill each other boy oh boy ,,and so conpetative , keanu is going to...