*Twenty Something Mamas!!!*

A place for twenty something moms from all over to come together and share experiences.


im new

hey everyone just joined this group. hope to have som good convos wit you all soon. i am 23 and i have a 4yr old boy.



How does everyone feel about spanking? Do you think it is o.k. or do you think it has no affect on a childs behaviour? My parents spanke me and I don't really think it had any...


my body back!!

Okay so in 2 years i'll be 30 and i've heard over and over that once you get into your 30's it's sooo hard to keep weight off! Well, i had my first child when i was 20 and after...


a quick hello.....

hi my name is janell, and i wanted to start this community so all of us young 20 something moms can come together and just chat about whatever, from diapers to nap time to what...