Getting 16 month old twins to fall asleep in their beds

Michelle - posted on 02/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have 16 month old twin boys and until now, we have put them in their rooms in their bouncy seats to fall asleep & then moved them into their cribs. They are both pretty rambunctious, so now they are trying to get out of their bouncy seats. I am looking for ideas of how to get them to lay in their beds & fall asleep - I don't mind being in the room with them, but they won't lay down! Any advice/ideas are appreciated!!


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Linda - posted on 07/05/2010




I think it's all about routine. My boys still have a bottle after bath time, then it's books only until bed time. Sometimes we read 5 books (each), other nights it's closer to 10! We dim the lights for bottle and books so that they know what to expect. We also tell them when it's just 1 more book and then off to bed to find hippo and panda (toys in their cots).

We have slept them in separate rooms since about 15 months of age and this works well for us. I think they like having their own identifiable space.... given that they share everything else!

I am very lucky and my boys have slept 11 hrs or more at night since about 7 weeks post term age. Probably would have done so sooner if they hadn't suffered from partial lactose intolerance and reflux. But heck.... I'm not complaining for a minute!

I also reduce their day sleeps as soon as we get consistent resistance (about a week) to bedtime at 7pm. I just take 15 mins at a time until we adjust their day sleep to an appropriate level. Have had to do this a lot since 16 months of age. They are now down to about 1hr 15 mins after lunch.

Good luck!

Karla - posted on 05/11/2010




I put my boys in their cribs around 8:30 and I sit in the chair and read till they fall asleep.. sometimes they are knocked out within minutes sometimes it takes a bit but it's all good with me. I lay them down and give them kisses and hugs and i tell them, it's quiet time now. Momma is gonna read stories and they usually settle down.

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I think if you included books, snuggles, nite nite music so that part would all be the same then put them in cribs and walk out. You can go back every 10-15 minutes if they sound like they "really" need you but sometimes I find that just makes it worse. Mine are in bed around 8 each night and my daugther is sleeping in 2 minutes and my son takes about 25 minutes sometimes to wind down in his crib. They will make the change....give it a shot it might go better than you think....
Good Luck!

Tiffany - posted on 03/08/2010




I agree with pp, you need to leave the room. They will figure it out. As long as they can see you they are probably going to cry to get your attention. We put our girls in their cribs awake at 7:30 each night, give hugs and kisses, and leave the room. They usually fall asleep within 30 minutes. Sometimes they cry and fuss for a few minutes, sometimes they don't. We've been doing it this way for several months and they have been sleeping through the night well.

Good luck. Like any transition it may take several nights before it goes smoothly.

Lena - posted on 03/07/2010




They may not lay down because you are there. Maybe try leaving the bedroom door cracked a bit and sit outside the room. Let them know it is time for bed. Give kisses and then leave the room. Make sure to have quiet time before you put them in their cribs so they know that soon you will be leaving them to sleep.

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