Twins On The Way Or Parents Of Twins!!

If you have twins on the way, then you know how it feels to have 2x the questions as you would with a singleton. This group is basically for anyone who has had twins, expecting twins, or knows someone who has twins!!


Naming Twin Boys

I am a very picky person when it comes to naming my children. I need some suggestions for names for my twin boys that are on the way. I would like their intials to be the same,...


Twins? Am I crazy?

I am 22 years old and a first time mom. Since I found out I was pregnant I wondered if I was having twins or not, but after my sonogram at 16 weeks confirmed one bouncing baby...


sharp pains at 24 weeks??

im 24 weeks with twin girls and ive been experiencing sharp lower stomach pains.sort of like period cramps. also my back is all part of pregnancy i know..but theses...


3months preg with twins

help im scared to death. i have 2 young girls 4.5 and 3 already and now 3months pregnant with twins dont have a clue wot im going to do. any help or info please would be grately...