1 twin is standing and the other is not, should I be concerned

Catherine - posted on 07/27/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have 6 month old twin boys. Dominic stands all the time, with assistance of course, however Elijah pretty much refuses to stand on his legs. He kicks his legs all the time and is able to pull them up under him a little. I am a first time mom and am not really sure if this is normal or if I should have him checked at their next appointment in two weeks. And advise is great!!!


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Michelle - posted on 08/10/2012




Funny, so many of your replies remind me of my boys! Charity, one of my boys was exactly the same way about sitting! He would not even try, he was too busy crawling, whereas his bro was so proud to be able to sit and play. My guys also traded milestones.

Catherine, one of my guys had spaghetti legs until... wow, had to be 8 months or so. He wouldn't even try to stand, though he could kick no problem and had the strength. When he finally did stand, he refused to pull up and would whine for someone to "stand" him up at the activity table. In the end, he walked first though, and he's by far the steadier walker. They have their own little schedules.. I'm a first time mom too, and I worried about every little milestone, but I see they not only hit them at different times, they often get there in completely different ways, so I'm a little more relaxed about it now.

Elaine - posted on 08/07/2012




Hi! Also agree w/Chaya. This is normal. My fraternal girls are 16 mo's. Eva crawled first. Sophie followed weeks later. Sophie stood and walked first. Eva a week later. Seems that my girls take turns hitting milestones. They are so different. One will just go for it. Try and try and fall and get up. The other will watch her sister and when she's good and ready will try and suceed the first time. You'll experience with your boys the staggering of milestones and how they learn from each other. Twins so fun : )

Charity_knox - posted on 07/30/2012




I have boy girl twins 8 months. My boy has been crawling for almost a month and now pulling himself up. He refuses to sit up unassisted because he wants to go explore. His sister isn't crawling yet but loves to sit and watch. She talks and blabs all the time and my boy just likes to move. Different sexes I know but they are so different and thats ok because they are two very different people :)

Jasmine - posted on 07/29/2012




Don't worry. My girls were the same way. Sonya did everything early, but Sofia had no interest. Then one day Sofia did everything at once. They are 1 now, and Sofia does basically everything Sonya does, except try to walk. Elijah will do things in his time. :)

Celeste - posted on 07/28/2012




Yup, ditto Chaya. Try not to compare them to each other. Even though they're twins, doesn't mean they'll hit milestones at the exact same time. But, if you're concerned, definitely bring it up to your doctor.

Chaya - posted on 07/27/2012




They are twins, they are two different people, one may become a scientist and the other a lawyer, one better at baseball and the other better at playing the saxophone. If the non stander isn't standing in a couple of months, you should bring it up to dr. My daughter didn't stand until she was 9 months old,but she said her first word at six weeks.
It wouldn't hurt to mention it to dr, but I'd wait a couple of months, what you have, I believe, is differences in normal.

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