Any twin mommies have neat tattoo ideas?

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I have identical twin boys, and I am getting their names (initials) tattooed next week. i was kind of looking for something unique to twins, but am sooo artistically challenged. Anyone have any ideas? TIA


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Kelly - posted on 07/14/2012




I have g/b twins and after I had them, I got a tattoo of two flowers growing out of one stem. I actually found the flower for that month (kind of like a birthstone) and had a pinkish flower and blueish flower tattooed. I love it and get a lot of compliments on it. My husband copied their hand prints from when they were born and had one of each their hands tattooed on his wrists.

AMANDA - posted on 05/26/2012




melody i dont think michelle meant that she was getting the babies tattooed i think she meant she was looking for tattoo ideas for herself to have something special done for the babies ..

a lot of moms get their babies names tattooed and birth dates or footprints... that kinda thing.. guess it all depends on the moms.. i know what im doing for my twins which are b/g.. but i am waiting until i know im done with having kids before i have it done incase i need to change it a bit..

Julie - posted on 05/06/2012




I am expecting twins in November & have a 1 year old. I found a cool image of a pink dogwood branch (think a take on the family tree) I'm going to have their names & birthdates inked into individual flowers

User - posted on 04/27/2012




We had bracletes made with their names on them. Put them on their ankles. I also dressed them in different colors. Same style to keep the twin thing happening. When they get old enough to talk they will tell you which one they are or arn't. Mine do. Sharpie works too and the bottom of their foot. Tatoos are so harsh for a child.

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