Anyone else making their own baby food??

Michele - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I've recented started making baby food for my twin girls. Anyone else trying this? I'd love some advice, tips, etc. I've tried the internet and it's hard not to get frustrated with the conflicting information. I've spoken to my pediatrician and he said to go for it and they can have anything 'cept dairy. I'm LOVING the money I'm saving. :D


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HANNAH - posted on 01/10/2010




I do! I use this site as well: I think find making babyfood super easy and I normally do it in large batches. I too freeze in ice cube trays (although I use the ones made for this, has a cover, called "fresh baby food trays") I also freeze in ziploc bag. I also find making food in the crockpot saves me a ton of time. I make whatever for dinner and blend a bunch up for the babies, put left overs in freezer. Applesauce works great in the crockpot, blend and freeze, one of my twins favs. Crockpots make it so much easier for me since it does it itself and you can continue being the busy mom and not have to take out lots of time making food.

April - posted on 01/10/2010




GO GIRL! I about DIED when I saw how much money we were saving by making my own baby food! I used the same site as Shelley! If you boil the food save the juice that comes out of it b/c you may need some when you puree it. Same when you bake the food. I gave my kids EVERYTHING that was in the fresh market! And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! (except all the food that was acidic) My kids loved papaya! Now when I did meat it got a little tricky! I stuck with ham and chicken for the meet. It was easy to puree and tasted good. When you puree meat use some apple juice, it makes it taste better! After I pureed everything I would put them into ice cube trays. Once they were frozen i had Ziplock bags labeled with what was in them. My boys are now 18months and they still eat fresh fruit and veggies! Good luck and if you ever have a question please fell free to contact me!

Shelley - posted on 01/10/2010



26 is what I meant to put last time. I made ALL of my babies' food from the time they were 6 months on.. I did LOVE the money I saved. I got an old food processor and used it a lot, but I soon realized that my regular old blender worked just as well, if not better for most foods. This site is amazing. I think you'll love it. I wish they would make it into a book!! I suggest it to everyone. It is very trustworthy. I went by it religiously, occasionally asking my pediatrician if my kids were ready for certain foods.. After pureeing, I used ice trays covered with plastic wrap, then I transferred the cubes to Ziploc vaccuum bags to cut down on the freezer burn. My babies loved plums and yellow squash the best, but I really feel like I started them on healthy eating habits early because they still eat almost everything I introduced in the early days. And green beans should just be bought at the grocery. They are sooo hard!! Good luck!!

Lindsay - posted on 01/09/2010




Check out your library. I found 2 books about making your own food. There were tons of different types of meals. Annabel Karmel was the author of both books. I didn't buy one, but I know that if you buy one of the high priced baby food blenders they have a recipe book in them.

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