anyone suffering from a thyroid problem- post babies?

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if so what made you have it checked? I just had blood work regarding mine and I'm scared.


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Linda - posted on 07/09/2009




I was overly tired and sick a lot, and my thyroid was lumpy when my twins were about a year old. Bloodwork, ultrasound, and then the test with the dye (don't remember what it's called) indicated that the pregnancy killed off half my thyroid. No problem, I just take levothyroxine daily. Be sure to have your blood level checked as instructed by your doctor. Also, once you've been on it for awhile, if you miss a day don't worry about it too much, you're blood level stays up for a couple of days anyway. But don't go on and off, on and off, of it. That's bad for your heart. take care!

Paula - posted on 07/03/2009




Hi, I was diagnosed before I got pregnant as hypothyroid (ie under active) and was given Eltroxin to take for it (every day as per Stacey's reply). I had it checked a couple of times during pregnancy and it was fine. However after the birth I noticed a swelling in my throat (the thyroid is in the base of your throat, like a bow-tie) - I only actually noticed it becasue one of the babies headbutted me in the throat! Anyway I had it checked out and it was my thyroid which had swollen. I had a scan and a biopsy and all was well, but my blood work showed that the thyroid now appeared to be very OVER active. I was losing weight rapidly (far too quickly after the birth) and so stopped taking my thryoid medication (with the agreement of my GP). HOWEVER when I went to see my gynae at the 6 week check up he expressed some concern about me stopping my medication and said that it was not uncommon to have weird results in the time immediately after birth and he woiuld have recommended that I just halved the dose. A few weeks later I started to put weight back on quite rapidly and I felt tired, lethargic, and even a bit depressed. I went for a blood test and it showed that my thyroid had gone back to being underactive and was almost not working at all! So now I am back on the old dose and after about 7-10 days I started feeling normal again. The lump has gone from my throat too. So, I wouldnt worry, just get medical advice and dont take any drastic action if you're only a couple of weeks post-partum, our bodies have gone throuhg so much, they take a little while to stabilise again.

Best wishes


Stacey - posted on 06/29/2009




No need to be scared, I promise! I have a hypothryoid and was diagnosed with a it a few months before I got pregnant with my twins. I was feeling tired all the time, gained 30 lbs in 3 months (you think people asking me if I'm pregnant would make me wonder if I had problem!), loosing hair, and the list goes on. I didn't think anything of it, just thought I was overworked and stressed. One day I was at my parents house and collapsed and was taken to the ER. It turned out to be my thyroid; it was shutting down my body. This does not happen to everyone! I don't want to scare you by telling you my situation. It's a really good thing you had it checked, even if you don't have it just so you know and won't have to worry. If you do end up having a thyroid problem it is easily treatable. You'll take a pill everyday for the rest of your life and will have it checked every 3-6 months. Sounds like a pain but isn't all that bad. The doctors will adjust the medicine if your levels change too. I haven't had a problem since I've been diagnosed and that was in Oct. 2006. If you do end up having thyroid problem it does run in the family (my dad and 2 brothers have hypothryoidism too) you'll want to have your twins check when they get older. If and when you decide to have more children, the doctors will monitor your levels every month of your pregnancy; at least that's what they did when I was pregnant. I hoped I helped a little! Don't stress to much about it. If you have any more questions just let me know!

You're twins are so adorable!!


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