Boy/Girl Twin Problems

Jessica - posted on 07/18/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello Everybody! My twins are two and a half years old. Lately I have had an issue with my son harassing my daughter. He is extremely co-dependent on her and is falling behind developmentally because he lets her do everything. Despite this, he does harass her but he doesn't think it's mean he thinks he's being funny. I am debating on separating them as I feel he needs his own individuality and my daughter needs some space from him. I'm just scared to do it for some reason and wondering if anyone had any advice.


Brandy - posted on 07/23/2017




I don't know if I can give you much advice, but I got a boy/girl twins that are 14 yrs old. And Cindy is the dominate one over Aaron and he has seemed to out grow it over time. He has gotten back at her in his own way. So no matter what siblings will fight, but if it does start to get out of control, just be a referee in that and take the weaker side and punish the one who started it (the boy). Or sit him down and tell him that you will do the same to him that he does to her and see if he likes it being done to him and he'll come to realize that isn't all fun & games anymore. I hope I helped somewhat...

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