Breastfeeding twins;Calories burned?

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I am breastfeeding my 4 month old twins,we are doing well with everything but, I always wondered how many calories does feeding two burn? I have read various estimates but has anyone asked their Doctor or Dietician and what did they tell you? Also for those who breastfed twins how long and did you think it helped you lose the weight?


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I've read in several places (now what those places were, I don't remember) it's about 1000 calories.

I nursed my twins into toddlerhood :) As far as losing the weight? No, not really unfortunately. But, it was my own doing because I'm sure I was eating to make up the calories I burned.


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I don't know calories burned, but I lost 40 pounds (gained 42 during pregnancy) before my girls were 2 weeks old. ;)

I actually managed to gain a few pounds back (which was GOOD in my case) by the time they hit 6 months. We weaned at 15 months.

Charity - posted on 03/30/2012




I love hearing about twin moms who breastfed their babies till a year or even longer it is very encouraging! I hope to get to at least a year,so far so good. I have lost some weight just very slowly even with regular exercise. I know with my singleton I wasn't able to lose all the weight till he was weaned.

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I did not breastfeed however I did pump enough milk for both babies and then some. I read that you burn about 1200 calories daily. In my experience I lost a lot of weight when pumping which for me wasn't neccessary a good thing since I didn't need to loose any in the first place. I would say I lost about 15 lbs or so and I ate a lot. When I stopped pumping I was able to gain some weight back. I hope this helps!

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