Crazy weight gain in third trimester?

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I havent been obsessive over my weight at all since I know I wont have a problem losing it again. I started my pregnancy at nearly 150lbs...gained a good bit very early on, no morning sickness, and was gaining about a lb a week like normal. I kind petered out near the end of my second trimester and got stuck around 175 32 week appt on 6/1 I got up to 181, well the NEXT day on 6/2 (after a quick trip to the hospital for contractions) I was back in the drs office at 186, which could have been from the fluids they gave me. Today I'm up to 190 point something after gaining 1.8lbs since yesterday. I'm not retaining fluid or anything so its not water weight. What the heck, y'all? 10 lbs in a week? Anybody else have crazy weight gain?


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I gained about 40lbs up until I was put on bedrest at 32 weeks. In the last 5 weeks I gained another 20-30lbs. I gained a total of 70lbs give or take a pound. The big weight gain at the end was obviously caused by the bed rest, I couldn't move anyway! lol

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I got pregnant with my twins I was 130lbs and when I went to my last Dr's appointment before I delivered I was 202lbs. I ate very healthy walked everyday up until 7 months or so and gave birth at 39 weeks to a 7lb12oz boy and 6lb4oz girl. My dr never got after me my blood pressure and everything else was in check I just had a good healthy appetite and two big babies.
Now my next pregnancy I gained 10lbs in one month around the 4th month my dr came in with that look on her face and I asked her not to lecture me if I promise to stay out of that aisle in Walmart. Sugar waffer cookies were my extreme addiction with him and I'd eat a package in an evening.
Good luck you're getting close just a few more weeks and when you give birth to over 10lbs of baby not counting amniotic fluids and placentas you'll feel a lot lighter. I thought I was super skinny after I had mine 9 years ago.

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I had one week in the second trimester where I gained 5 lbs, then steady at about 1 lb a week until the very end, where I gained about 8 lbs in a week around 35 or 36 weeks. Still have no idea why, didn't have much fluid retention. As long as you're getting checked regularly at the doctor for blood pressure etc there's not much you can do, I guess! I gained about 60 lbs in total. Good luck, and congratulations on your twins!


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I don't know what I gained,refused to keep track! I noticed at around 18 weeks that everyday I could feel myself getting bigger. People commented on how I just popped. I found out 2 weeks later that we had TTTS and the recipient twin had a lot of fluid and that was why I was so big. Laser surgery and an amnio and I was normal for gestation again.

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