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any advice about a dual stroller, what i should look for, what i should avoid, etc


Liz - posted on 03/02/2011




I used a snap n go until my boys grew out of their infant carseats. It was great - light weight (which was nice when I was recovering from the c-section), easy to handle, and took up almost no room in the trunk.

When they grew out of their infant seats we started using a Combi Twin sport - a side by side. It's less than 30" wide so fits through doors (most side by sides do these days I believe), it's very easy to maneuver, and I like that the boys can see each other and they aren't blocking each other's views. It's pretty lightweight and folds down small for a double stroller. We also have a Bumbleride Indie Twin for offroading, but it is very heavy and takes up a lot of room in the trunk so we don't use it often.
I find the tandem strollers to be difficult to steer/manage and they take up a lot of room in the trunk. Plus I don't like that one kid is behind the other - the one in the back doesn't get the best view.

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I have the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and I LOVE it! The best feature is that it is SUPER easy to fold up and unfold - and it folds up relatively flat.


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Ciera - posted on 03/07/2011




i have the graco duoglider with snugride infant carseats and loved it except that it is not quite as sturdy as other strollers, but for normal getting around, it is fine. We live in the desert and like to take walks and the terrain is a little rough though so we got the JEEP stroller and it is MUCH more durable and can also hold most any infant carseat but is REALLY good for toddlers too! (my twins pretty much tore apart the duoglider once they were about a year old but the JEEP was too sturdy for them to mess up) then I also have the Joovy Big Caboose (which is actually the sit'n stand triple stroller but they also have a double version too. I love it except that my kids fight over the sit/stand seat. They just turned 2 last month. I like all of my strollers for the age-frame i used them for but we really have gone back to using our duoglider now bc it is much easier to maneuver, it is not very heavy and it fits easily into the trunk.

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we started off with the standard graco double stroller that held the card seats... that was great until, it was too bulky to tote it around... we could online a double side by side stroller (i forget the name).. It is small in size and does fit through a standard door way... what you need to think about is how long you plan to have one... there are pluses and minus's to a either kind... i have an older son who is 11 months older than his twin brothers... when we go somewhere, we get the double side by side stroller for the twins and he walks... however, stores like Target & Kohls are a bear for this type of thing... I can't go down the isles without grabby hands, so there's where my side to side is fault, but my thought pattern is that it's 2 hands instead of 4 hands that can grab things... also... think about if you plan to have any more kids... with us having 3... to our luck.. looking for a triple stroller at a decent price was not so lucky, however overstock.com just had on some double jogging strollers or even triple ones... we didn't look at any other ones, but wished there was something in expensive when we needed one..

Lisa - posted on 03/02/2011




I use a bumbleride and it is great fits through all door's easy to push and it folds up pretty easy too. I would recommend this stroller.

Angela - posted on 03/02/2011




mc clarrion hands down the best and durable pay the extra money for quality or buy 3 junk strollers that wont last i bought side by side when my twins were born almost 4 years gone by no problems

Janice - posted on 03/01/2011




We have the graco quatro tour duo as well and LOVE it. So easy to get the carseats in and out and we as well got lots of compliments on it. We also have baby trend navigator double stroller. That also fits two carseats but it is a side by side so we only use it at the zoo and big places. Good luck!

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look at the bumbleride (bumbleride.com). AMAZING stroller, will fit through a single door, easy to push in ANY terrain (trails, sand, everything!) very stable, has many great accessories available including sleeping bags and bassinettes. It turns great, is easy to fold and set-up. Being a mom of 4 (two teens, and a set of twins) I have been through many different strollers and this tops them all!!

Kim - posted on 03/01/2011




I never had any problems pushing mine with one hand. It takes a little practice but I managed well. I don't know if they make double strollers where the seats face themselves, but if they do, that's what I wish I did get. My boys would probably behave better out shopping if they could see each other.

Heather - posted on 02/28/2011




I saw the PERFECT dual stroller today! I think I might have been drooling, and told my husband that if we could go back in time I would want THAT one! But I can't tell you what it was called... It looked similar to this one (http://www.lilsugar.com/Best-Double-Stro...) but not exactly. I did find that Vista jogging strollers have an attachment to make them into doubles that would still be easy to push.

When we were in the stroller stage I found that the side by side were easiest to push, but didn't fit through doors easily, if at all. Front to back were murder to try and push and steer, so as soon as the girls were old enough, we got a wagon and I just pulled them around...

Kim - posted on 02/28/2011




I got Graco car seats and a double stroller that allowed for the car seats to pop in and out of. It was great. I know a lot of people get the plain metal frame strollers that can fit any carseat, but I wanted to get one stroller to last me a while. Mine is the Graco quattro tour duo. Both car seats fit in it perfectly. I get lots of compliments on it when i'm out in public. All double strollers are going to be big and cumbersome, just make sure it's going to fit in your car. It fits in the trunk of my Grand prix, but I have to take out the cup holders. Other than that I love it!

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