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My twin boys are almost 6 months old and after readying some articles the babies should be able to sleep at least 6 hrs or more at night. Have any of you tried the ferber method? Did it work? If so how did you do it with your twins? Co-bed or separate cribs? How long did it take you? How long to your twins sleep? Also I read that babies should lost the paci's by 6 months. Any thoughts? Is your baby formula feed? If so how much and how often? What age did you put the twins in separate cribs? Any recommendations on how to get them to sleep longer would be great. I have one that sleeps pretty good usually 5-6 hrs the other is up at least 3 times takes a paci then goes back to sleep in my bed. I don't want to get in the habit of him going in my bed. Want them to soothe themselves back to sleep and stay asleep. Thanks for your help!!!!


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I have 9 month old twin boys. I just used the Ferber method last week. Before I did this, I weened them off night feedings by watering down their formula until it was just water and a total of 3 oz at each feeding. Then, I did Ferber with both in the same room. I went in at 3, 5, 10 min. They cried 20 min. One slept through the night. The other woke up about midnight. Again, went in at 3,5,min and he went back to sleep. The next day, did the same for naps. I put them in different rooms for naps. same thing ... 3, 5,min. Both took about 25 min to get to sleep. Afternoon naps - both failed and they would not go to sleep. So no afternoon naps that day. Next day, did the same thing. Again afternoon naps failed. Drove them around in the car and they fell asleep. 3rd day, both took afternoon naps via Ferber but were 10 min long. We are making progress. At night, after a week, they go to bed without making a peep. Naps take 5-10 min with crying. Naps are now 45 min. Also, I forgot to mention, on night one, I kept them up 30 min past their normal bedtime, so they would be extra tired and minimize the crying. You need to buy forbears book if you are going to do this so you know exactly what you are doing. There are a lot of details in there that are not mentioned on the Internet that are important for success. Good luck!

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my twin girls are 4 1/2 months, they are sleeping 10-11 hours each night. they have been sleeping 8+ hours since they were 14 weeks old (and they were 6 weeks early, so "technically", behind 6 weeks). i got them on a good schedule right from the start. the hospital had a 3 hour feeding schedule, so we stuck to that. after a few weeks, a friend recommended "babywise" to us, after reading it, it was basically what we were already doing, we adjusted things a little bit based on what i read, and the girls have done great. it is basically a 3 hour "eat/wake/sleep" schedule.

they are in the same crib together and we plan on keeping them together as long as we can. i too have read about the 6 month thing for pacis. what i have read says that their need for non-nutritive sucking goes away by then. we plan to ditch them around 6 months. even now they go a lot longer without needing them. we mostly only give them to them before naps and bedtime. i am nursing my twins, so i can't help on the formula thing, but when we give them a bottle of expressed milk, they take 4oz. they are eating every three hours during the day. i have found this really helps them sleep at night. it helps differentiate between day and night. do you put the boys down "after" they have fallen asleep? if you start putting them down when they are drowsy but still awake, they should learn better how to console themselves and put themselves back to sleep if they wake at night. babies wake up at night, just like we do, a lot of times, they will fuss or coo for a few minutes then go back to sleep. fight the urge to respond to every little noise. it's tough to lay there and listen to it... but we find 9 out of 10 times, they will put themselves back to sleep. good luck. hope this helps...

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I have twin boy and a girl. Our girl never gave us a hard time sleeping. We would put her into the crib sleepy, dim the lights and leave the room. After a few minutes she'll stop making noises and the after another few minutes she'll be asleep. But our boy just wont sleep. He would cry every few minutes in the crib. We tried the ferber method but it didnt work for more than a week so we gve up. A projection mobile somewhat helped. After a month or so he started getting better all by himslef. Now i put both of them to the crib (they still share the crib) and leave the room with the lights dim. They go to sleep in 10 minutes or so.

As for pacifiers, I never introduced them to it. I do plan to buy another crib soon because now my daugther has started turning and my son will start turning too soon.

My children are formula fed. They take Enfamil Enfacare. It was suggested to us because my kids were premies. I feed them 5 times in a day. every 3 hours in day time and then let them sleep for 8 hours. I also give them cereal once a day.

I would suggest you to just wait for another month. They will start sleeping through the night when their body is ready for it.

Hope it helps

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I have 6 year old twin boys. I did do the Ferber method when they were about 1 year old. It was very tough to listen to them crying but I think the results were worth it.. We had to move them into separate cribs and separate rooms because every time one woke up he woke the other up. After about 2 weeks they were sleeping most of the night, maybe waking up once each and we were able to put them in the same room again. All 3 of my boys had the paci until they were about 3, and then with my twins I had them give their pacis to our friends new baby because he needed them now. That worked great(she threw them out for me) . I did a combination of breast, pumping and formula. They ate probably every 3- 4 hours. by 6 months I think they were doing 6-8 oz per feed. I separated my twins when they started moving around in their crib so they didn't disturb each other when they rolled over. As for them sleeping in your bed, I don't recommend it because it might be difficult to get them to leave. Since our boys went into beds they come into our bed every night and disturb our sleep. At first we thought it was cute but now they won't stop.

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I dont know much about the Ferber method, but to get them to sleep longer at 6 months is to fill them up with food before bed! we did the 3 B's, Bath, Bottle, Bed and once in bed we let them cry for 20-30 mins. if after that they are still crying go in and check on them, they are usually fine. you really need to watch the clock for this one, because i know first hand that 1 minute of crying feels like 10 minutes. same thing for the middle of the night, time the crying. give them 5-10 mins of crying before you check in on them. eventually you will notice a shorter time with them crying themselves to sleep.

we had our twins in the same crib until 10 months old in our bedroom. once we moved they got their own crib but share the same room. they had no problems with the transition to their own crib, by then they were all over each other and needed their own space. i do have the cribs end to end so they can still interact with each other. even now they still cry before bed but it is no more than 2 minutes then they are out cold.

there are those nights where we have one child in bed but our daughter has had an ear infection for 2 months now, but once i have her in the bed and she falls into a deep sleep i put her back into her crib.

for the paci, never offer it to the child during the day. we only gave it too my son at nap time and night time. (my daughter sucks her thumb). then dont give it at nap time, eventually dont give it at bed time. by 8 months old my son no longer used the paci. again the biggest thing is dont offer it to them even to quiet them down during the day.

everything takes time and patience but i hope help this helps

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