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Vanessa - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, my girls are almost 9 months old now. They have starting to really hold their bottles, crawl around, almost able to sit up with me hovering behind them. I want to start introducing finger food, but I dont know where to start. I went out and bought some of the Graduates Biter Biscuits and I gave them each one today; they seemed to do pretty well with them. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could give them?


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Michele - posted on 03/01/2010




I give my girls cubes of sweet potato, squash, avocado and carrot. They also get green peas and green beans. I make my own baby food and after I bake the sweet potato, carrot, and squash I keep some to the side to cube it for finger food. Avocado just needs to be cut into appropriate size. I then roll them in Cheerio "dust" it helps my girls get a good grip on the slippery food. Cheerios are always excellent. It's the cutest thing when they see the Cheerio box and start bouncing for them. LOL I've also just started giving them whole wheat waffles that are toasted just enough to defrost but aren't crunchy. I cut them into strips and hand them over. You DON'T have to just stick with what Gerber sells !!!! (tho my girls do love their peach flavored puffs). Oh, do you have to be careful when making carrots and green beans...check out if you are interesting in making your own baby food and finger food. I do give them fresh fruit but I use a feeder for that. It looks like a pacifier but with mesh on the end instead of a nipple. They are wonderful!! I just drop in a piece of frozen mango, peach or banana and hand it over. I give them frozen because they are teething. Hope I was some help. :D

Jocelyn - posted on 03/01/2010




Gerber makes a lot of freeze dried snacks- real fruits and yogurts that my boys love. They also make the little puffs that are good. But you can give them so many things- toast, pancakes, cheese. My boys love grilled cheese. I use one piece of bread and put a lid on top to melt the cheese a bit then let it cool and cut it in small pieces. Cheerios are great. Some one once suggested to me to roll any slippery things in wheat germ so it's easier for them to pick up but I've never tried it. Bits of tofu are good (I don't like it but they don't know any better!) Seriously check out the stuff Gerber makes cause they're great finger snacks and foods. They also make cheese puff like snacks made with whole grains. They're kinda long so I usually cut the bigger ones in half. Hope this helps!

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