first-time mom: need to come up with a list of essentials for twins

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Hi there! Please help me build my shopping list of essentials for twins. What are the must-haves? For nursery, feeding, bathing, travel, etc. Also, based on your experience how many diapers do you use in a day?

Thanks! :)


Abby - posted on 10/30/2009




I go through about a 100 in a week so have that and some extra just in case.

atleast one swing and one bouncey seat they are must haves.

get cloth diapers to use as burp cloths trust me they soak up more.

a tub of desitin, not a tube, a tub.

have atleast 10 bottles for each baby, I like the playtex vent air.

bibs you can never have to many, the gerber bibs are the best and i find them at target and walmart.

atleast 6 footed sleepers for each baby, but dont buy but one or 2 in premie size because you may not need them and if your babies are small enough to wear them then you can buy more. my twins couldn't wear the premie stuff and they were 5 weeks earlier coming in at 4 and 5 lbs but they were 20 and 20 1/2 in long, so it's not the weight it's the length.

playpen is a must have,

infant tylonal and mylicon

I get my formula from wic, so check and see if you can get your like that, but each one of my babies goes through atleast a small condinsed can a day, the kind that is a can of milk to a can of water.

aveeno is a really good baby bath and lotion brand.

i'll post again when i can think of something else, one of my babies is calling

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Well I have boy/ girl 14months old twins.... what help me the most during my most blurry stage (first few months) of being a first time mom. IIs a white board, medium size at the convenient location. Fraternal or not, it is hard to determine which one had the feeding what time... and when will the next feeding. example.
Andrew- 9am- 3oz
12pm- breastfed
3pm- 3oz.........
Emily- 9am- 2oz + breastfed
12pm- breastfed
3pm- 4 oz.......
Then you can even record how many soiled diapers per baby for one day. So you'll know which baby haven't had bowel movement for days... like 3 to 7 days something you might let your doctor know about. The help me out, since my pregnancy, what to expect every day of the pregnancy until now I still get very informative emails and for free as well. Good luck hope all is well. Let me know if you need for info.


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Abby - posted on 10/29/2009




I have 2 sets of twins... girls are 9, boys are 5. I'd suggest getting a bottle warmer, wipe warmer, and an extra bouncy seat for the bathroom, it helps to squeeze in a shower and you can be guaranteed to have to pee when one doesn't want to be put down. To help them sleep at night you can slightly elevate the part of the crib where their heads are, to help keep from spit up. For travel, feed before you leave and if bottle feeding make a bottle that is very warm and if you put it in an insulated bottle pouch will be a nice warm temp 3 hrs later when they are hungry... I've got lots of other tricks, feel free to e mail sometime if you have question.

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Well I'm a recent mother of twins (my girls are almost 5 months old) and so far for essentials I would have to say
2 swings- my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE swinging..always did. We thought to just have one prior to having them but then got one as a gift and had just bought one..and THANK GOSH we have both!
2 boppys- You will quickly get tired of holding them and feeding them. I put them in the boppys and use a blanket to prop up their bottles
Bumbo- I only have one bumbo and I really do enjoy this product for my girls as we are learning to sit up and this does help their posture.
2 cribs- EVENTUALLY. Honestly, you could start out with just one. My girls still sleep in the same crib as it is more relaxing for them. However we have had two and are just waiting til they sleep better through the night to part them.
Womb bear- I absolutely LOVE the womb bear. It is very soothing at night for my girls.
Wipey Warmer- Who really wants a cold wipey on their fanny?? Not my girls! The wipey warmer makes the changings a lot easier because there are no cries and tears.

I don't know if you live near or have a costco card but it will save you a TON of money regarding diapers. Unfortunately they don't start diaper sizes until size 1. Also, I recommend you do not buy parents choice diapers. They are a waste of money as they cheaper but you go through them more often as they are of CHEAP quality. I do not know the size your twins will be, but my girls wore preemie diapers until they were over a month old and huggie preemie diapers leaked quite a bit. I am very partial to Pampers when it came to preemie and newborn diapers. They didn't leak. I would say for our girls we go through about 10 diapers a day.

For bath time, Johnson and Johnson night time bath is excellent. I have both the body wash and lotion. It is very soothing and I believe my girls sleep better after a bath and the use of this product.

I see one person suggested two pack and plays. We have one and it has worked wonders for us. I do not see us getting another but do not regret the purchase of this one by any means! We use it when we go to family's house or travel and stay over at places.

The Diaper genie is also nice. Keeps the smell of diapers inside the container, instead of in the room or constantly having to go out to the garbage to dispose of the diapers.

I hope this helps and good luck!!!

Adele - posted on 10/24/2009




my main thing i was happy for was a note book to record there feedings , their diaper changes and so on, and notes for when i visit the doctor i could just read out of my book and i would not forget anything i needed to asked the doctor.

Jennifer - posted on 10/24/2009




We went through about 20 diapers per day. Someone posted on here to go ahead and start stocking up, which was a life saver for us! Don't buy too many NB diapers, though. Get various sizes. Also, the swaddling blankets that velcro are awesome. We used Avent bottles, but sometimes they leak. I would just get some good playtex. Lots of onsies! Sounds like the people on here gave a pretty thorough list, just thought I would weigh in! Good luck!

Summer - posted on 10/24/2009




tons of diapers (tip: buy a box every time you go to the store from now till they are born)

double stroller

2 infant seats

2 regular car seats (they make the kind that convert to boosters after they get too big)

2 cribs

2 pack-n-plays

2 high chairs or boosters with tray (bumbo with tray may also work)

2 bouncy seats

1 jumperoo (or 2 if you prefer but you could alternate them btwn swing and jumper)

1 swing (or 2)

lots of burp cloths

10-20 receiving blankets for swaddling

6-8 crib sheets

6-8 blankets

16 small bottles

8 large bottles

diaper rash cream

infant tylenol


baby lotion

baby wash

1 baby bath tub

small supply of toys for home

small supply of toys for car

baby monitor

16-20 footed sleepers for winter time

16-20 onesies for summer time

baby gates - enough to enclose them in the area of your choosing when they start to crawl

sunblock for babies - especially if they are born in summer

plenty of formula to last a month at least

1 large diaper bag for long trips

1 small diaper bag for short trips

lots of wipes

Okay so here's the explanation behind my list. You could probably do without some of these things, and some people could probably add things to it. These were my essentials. We went through a bos of 120 diapers every 5 to 7 days when my twins were first born. But...we always changed them twice per feeding because we did it when they first got up to help them wake up and want to eat more...and of course if they didn't go during their feeding then it was shortly after so they had to be changed again before putting them back down to sleep. I had a front and back double stroller, and I liked it because it fit through doors better than the side by side. I mostly used mine for outings when I did not have anyone who could go with me like to doctors appointments or on errands. Now that my kids are 2 I am considering buying a side by side for things like going to the zoo or walking, etc. They tend to kick the baby in front now. Also, my infant seats fit right into my stroller, so when they were smaller I did not have to wake sleeping babies to put them into the stroller. We actualy have 4 regular car seats (2 for each vehicle) just for convenience, but two would be enough. Some people say their twins do well sleeping together until they go into toddler beds. That was not the case with mine. From day one they were instantly jealous of each other. If anyone held them both at the same time they fussed. So they slept in the same crib for the first 3 to 4 months, but then we had to separate them for their safety and our sanity. If your twins will ever be sleeping anywhere away from home (like grandmas)then 2 pack n plays are a huge help. Bouncy seats were such a lifesaver for me, and they are very portable so you can send them to grandmas or take them when you go visit friends or family. You will eventually need 2 high chairs, but if you have a small dining space you may want to consider 2 boosters with trays instead. My friend actually has a bumbo seat that she swears by, and she just uses that with the attachable tray as a high chair. I never had one, but if I have another baby I think I will get one. My first son who was a singleton loved his swing, but my twins didn't much care for it. My twins did love their jumper though. I have pictures where they played in it so long that they fell asleep. They also make travel swings that are smaller and a little less expensive. You will need lots of burp cloths. I did not care for bibs until my guys started sitting in high chairs because it seemed like I was constantly readjusting them because their little necks are so small. I always just tucked a burp cloth under their chin, and that worked for me. My favorite thing to use for burp cloths was prefolded cloth diapers. Receiving blankets also work well as burp cloths but you have to fold them several times because they aren't as thick. Receiving blankets are also good for swaddling. When they are little you will find that you have to change their crib sheets and blankets quite often, so you'll need an ample supply of those unless you like washing clothes. I put alot of bottles on the list because when mine were really small it was very hard for me to find time to stop and wash bottles during the day. I had enough so that I did not have to wash until my husband got home at night and could take over with the boys for a little while. I actually think I had more than is on the list, but that is probably enough to get you through. I always filled the bottles with the appropriate amount of water and left them on the counter for easy access every night after they were washed. Then when I got ready to feed they were already room temp, so all I had to do was add the concentrated powder and shake. The diaper rash cream, infant tylenol, and mylicon are just in case must haves. You may not need them, but if you do then you will be happy you don't have to run out to the store. I always kept a tub of wipes in the living room, one in the twins room, one in the big diaper bag, one in each vehicle, and a travel pack in the small diaper bag. All I ever dressed my twins in at home was onesies or footed sleepers. Of course you'll want cute little outfits for pictures, when you have visitors, and when you go out though. I had a changing table, but honestly I hardly used it. If you get one I recommend the kind that also doubles as a dresser for clothes. That way if you don't use it for changing you'll at least use it for clothes. Baby towels and wash cloths are nice to have, but they really aren't necessary because unless you have some really rough towels and wash cloths you can just use those. My guys never would take a pacifier, but you might need those if yours will. Also walkers are a waste of money. By the time they actually learn how to get around in them, then they are usually walking and would prefer to do that without the walker. Bassinets are nice, but they can't sleep in them very long so to me they were not worth the expense. Hope this helps.

Some other tips. Don't be too proud to accept help. Always trust your instincts. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins after their birth for a while because trust me you will need it. Also don't forget to eat. You will need the energy. Try to stock up on everything you will need at home for at least the first month after they are born, so you don't have to go shopping and expose them to too many germs!! Also, consider a schedule. I never had one with my older son, but it was truly a lifesaver with my twins. I also had a oversized rocker/recliner when they were little. It was great because I could hold them both and if they fell asleep, then I could kick out the footrest and join them. Congratulations and Good luck!

Erin - posted on 10/23/2009




Before you go and buy two of everything (swings, bouncers etc) make sure that one or both babies like them. That was a mistake that I made. I jsut assumed that all babies liked swings ans bouncy seats, and I was wrong. Neither of my girls liked the bouncy seats and only one them liked the swing and for only a couple of weeks. You can always buy more of something.

Bottles: We started with the Dr. Browns and they are good bottles, but you will spend all of your time cleaning all the pieces. I would just do the playtex drop-ins. You only need about four bottles and nipples and you can just throw the plastic liner away after each use.

Diapers: we tried to use a trashcan with a lid and scented diaper bags, but it was a bad idea. We ended up with a nursery that smelled like baby powder and poop....not appetizing. I would recomend getting a diaper genie or some other type of wate receptacle.

other items I could not have lived without....

2 boppy pillows with extra covers for washing

pack and play- my girls slept in the top of it for about two - three months

more burp rags than you think are necessary. we used cloth diapers as burp rags. my girls had acid reflux so they had projectile spit up all the time.

i loved my baby had a temperature gage on it so I always knew if the water was right.

gripe water for hiccups

Another helpful hint: when it comes to Formula you can use the generic versions from Wal-Mart and toys r us. They are the EXACT SAME as the expensive formulas. They are made by the same companies and just packaged differently. 13.99 versus 26.99.

Kim - posted on 10/23/2009




You need 2 swings...promise!

I had a diaper shower for one of my showers. HAve 7 month twins and have not bought 1 diaper!

2 bumbo's

pack and play for travel (2 for when they get bigger)

double stroller

These are just a few but this is what I cannot live without on a daily basis!

Chiky - posted on 10/22/2009




other then normal baby must-needs X 2 a bottle warmer. those things are the best invention ever. rather then waiting for hot water to warm up the milk (either formula or brest milk) it takes about 2 min in the bottle warmer babies dont have to wait so long. other then that i wouldnt of done it without swings and exersaucers.

piece of advise take all the help you can get!!! its alot of work but its rewarding. sleep when they sleep trust me the dishes wont go away. i didnt have any help when my girls were babies no friends no familly my husband works 12-15 hrs/day and i thought i was superwoman, trying to catch up on house cleaning, dishes, laundry while the girls were sleeping, well bad idea!! my marriage pretty much fell apart because of it. also it will probably be easier for you to keep them on the same schedule.

good luck and enjoy your babies :)

Andrea - posted on 10/22/2009




Its pretty basic. what every you would buy one child you'll have to almost double. You have to make that determination based on your income. Must haves are car seats, baby bed, diapers, and clothing. You should have bottles even if your not nursing cuz believe me 2 at one time hungry, NO FUN.

Alda - posted on 10/22/2009




Apart from the usual nappies etc, I wouldn't have done without swings (great for getting them to sleep) and apnoea mattresses. My girls were born at 28 weeks and after they came home I don't think I would ever have had a single night's sleep without the mattresses. They're now 13 months (10 months corrected) and I still switch them on every night.

Stacy - posted on 10/18/2009




I would check Babies R Us. They have a pack and play that is for twins. It turns into a bassinet (most do these days) but it turns into 2 bassinets! They didn't have that when my were born they had it about a year to late...I wish I would have had that when there were born! You will need LOTS of Diapers...Sams club is a very good place to become a member when you have twins. They have diapers, whipies, and formula, if you are bottle feeding. The most important thing that you will need is help! I hope you have grandparents as well as friends and family that will be willing to help out. Even to come over and sit with them so you can take a nap. We didn't have when our twins were born and our mariage almost fell apart because of it. You also need some way of keeping track of who ate when and how much. Getting them on the same eating/sleeping schedule is important, but that will take a few months. Also SLEEP when they do, you don't know when you will and wont be sleeping:)

Oh and enjoy them:D

Jessica - posted on 10/18/2009




honestly, i think you are worrying too much about the little details... you will not want to buy too many NB diapers, as they may not stay in that size long enough to warrant a case of them... thereafter, however, definately go to a wholesale case... you will be using them at twice the rate of the singleton parents...

i only had one crib, because i know of lots of twins that wouldn't sleep separate... you can always add another crib later... my boys were in one until 18 months old, and then went right to the twin bed, which they also shared... now they have 2 twin beds... just because they ran out of room, and they started to BUG each other... "my pillow... give me some blanket, etc..." i would recommend the same room if you have two cribs, they've been in close quarters their whole lives, it's all they know... i feel by taking that closeness away, you add undo stress to the little ones... they help to soothe each other, they are never alone...

as for change table, not NEEDED, but will definately save your back... the crib can be used at first, but you have to lean over in a funny way... you can have a basket with all your changing needs, and sit on a bed... everything is still within arm's reach...

BOTTLES... don't even buy them... unless you are not planning to breastfeed, because you may need a couple for pumped milk, and otherwise they just sit there... it is way easier (need i mention the health benefits for mother and child) to breastfeed, and this is especially so, when you are out somewhere and suddenly someone gets really hungry... no bottles to sterillize, no water to boil, etc.... (invest in a twin breast feeding pillow... they are different... they enable you to feed them both at the same time - hands free - that is until your cat punctures a whole in it!!!) LOL!!! always feed them before they are hungry... let's say feed, and 2 1/2 hours from START of past feed, change them and get them back on... it is harder to get them to attach when they are franticly hungry... when they get a little older, you can bring them to bed for the feed, and then back to the crib when done... i used to get my husband up to change them and bring them in for me.

TRAVEL: i still do this and my boys are 3 1/2 now... always take at least 2 changes of clothing in your diaper bag (including socks!!! hats, touques, mitts, etc)... goal being, one BACK-UP for each kid... min 6-10 diapers, wipes, snax (when they are older) thermometer, medicine, etc... all kept in bag (don't forget the empty plastic bags for the poopy diapers)If you are going to be gone the whole day... grab another back-up bag with 2-3 sets of clothing... just in case... (i always leave this one in the car)

CLOTHING: i made the mistake of thinking i needed twice as many clothing for them... but in reality, i never ran out because laundry happens, and you can switch up the clothes, and they outgrow them so fast that it's a better investment to used them more by washing more often... save your money for the clothing when they are "too cool" for this or that!!! if you have identicals, don't always dress them in the same colors... ie: twin #1 in blue, twin # 2 in green, because you will get too used to the colors, and less apt to notice the features... i met a lady who almost couldn't tell them apart because she stopped looking at them, and just looked at the color before acknowleding them...

BATHTIME: until they are too big for the little baby tubs, bathe them one at a time, and rinse the tub out between baths... when they are older, bathe them together... they will LOVE it!!!

OVERALL: not much is different with the two babes vs. the singleton, except of course, consumption... oh yeah, and it takes twice the time to leave the house...

SLEEP WHEN THEY SLEEP, EVEN IF YOUR DISHES AREN'T DONE AND THE LAUNDRY IS STILL NOT FOLDED... your kiddos will benefit if you are not too tired to deal...

hope some of this helps... all babies (twins, or singletons) are different...

Heather - posted on 10/18/2009




Hi and Congratulations! Twins are a ton of work, but truly an amazing blessing! They things that I found to be our best purchases or gifts so far that we could not live without are:

-Swaddle Me blankets (buy at least 2 per baby for when one is in the wash)

-a vibrating Bouncy seat (We got one from Boppy that both girls love. The vibration relaxes them and keeping them upright after their feedings helps with reflux)

-2 Boppy pillows (also help to keep them upright after feedings and are great for tummy time as well as breastfeeding)

-Johnson's Bedtime bathwash and lotion (smells great and helps them sleep)

-a double stroller that is easy to load and unload and fold up. (We LOVE our Graco quattro tour duo!)

-burp cloths (Our girls have reflux and in the begining we went through a ton of these per day so I would say at least 12-24 depending on your situation. Also don't bother too much with the cute ones the plain white Gerber cloth diaper ones are the most absorbant and we like those the best.)

-some type of white noise CD our is rainforest noises like rain, birds, waves etc. to help them sleep longer

-humidifier (we like the frog one from Crane that they have at Target which comes in other animals too. It's quiet and it works well)

-pajamas that zip or the gowns because it's faster and easier to change diapers in the middle of the night rather than the ones that snap.

-2 diaper bags (Either one for you and one for your husband or one with everything you need and one for short trips or one to use and one to keep in your car as a back up!)

-a changing pad with at least two covers for it(for when one is in the wash)

- we use Avent bottles and the Avent microwave sterilizer which is great b/c it only takes 2 minutes

-the hospital and our doctor told us not to use bumpers in the cribs or sleep positioners because of the risk of SIDS so you can svae money on those. (your not suppossed to swaddle babies either, but our girls spent a few weeks in the NICU where they were always swaddled and won't sleep for more than 30 min. without being swaddled)

-feeding and diaper charts (you can just make a spreadsheet on the computer for when you fed or changed them and how much they ate or whether the diaper was poopy or just wet because you won't remember especially at 2am! It's also great to spot trends and if they have any problems you can look up their charts and possibly figure out what caused them)

-if you are planning on breastfeeding you should get a breastpump. My girls get 100% breastmilkand even thought they are great at latching on I pump a lot of the time so that someone else can fed them sometimes and because they get mediction for their reflux which gets mixed into their bottle. Also it helped up my milk supply a lot! I have the Medela Freestyle. You may want to just rent a pump first though to see what works for you.

-last, but not least diapers, diapers and more diapers! register for the kind you prefer (we love Pampers Swaddlers) start collecting coupons, have a diaper poker party for your husband where the buy in is a bag of diapers whatever, but your going to need to stock up. Just don't buy too many of the preemie or newborn until you get your babies home and know what size they are.

I hope this helps. You can find lists on Targets website or the Babie R Us website that will give lists as far as clothing etc. so I wanted to give you a list of things that maybe aren't on their or things that we could not live without. Just know that you don't have to get two of everyhting especially if you aren't sure whether or not they will like something. For example we got 1 swing and 1 Bouncy seat. Luckliy Ellie likes the swing better and Emmie likes the bouncy seat better although sometimes I think a second bouncy seat would be good! I also found a little binder to hold their medical information in very helpful. I can recird their weight height etc. in it and also any questions we have for the doctor etc. Our came with our grooming and helathcare kit that we bought, but you could make one just as easily and I bring it with us to all our appts. Best of luck to you! Don't worry either, you will do great and you don't have to have everything before the babies get here either, you'll figure out what you'll need pretty quickly after they arrive.

Amy - posted on 10/17/2009




When my twins were born, we've got 2 cribs, 2 carseats, 1 snap and go stroller, 1 bath tub, 1 swing, 2 diaper changing pads. We got 1 tub because they take turns taking a bath, 1 swing because they may not need to use it at the same time and I also thought about this is something they will outgrow really soon and I just didn't like the thought of having a lot of things crammed in the house (especially large items) even though I don't have any space issues to worry about. We got 2 diaper changing pads, one for upstairs, the other downstairs, this way I won't need to run up and down the stairs to have their diapers changed. Eventually after they start crawling, instead of a small play yard, we got 3 sets of "Playzone". It's a plastic interlocking play yard that you can put together easily in your family room, so that there will be enough space for them to play & explore and keeping them safe without having to worry about they wondering about in the house. We divided the 3 sets into 2, one for upstairs one downstairs so that it's just the perfect size. (you can find this from amazon). The double snap and go stroller is a must! This will save you the trouble from having to wake them up whenever you reach a destination. They will keep on sleeping without being disturbed. It should last you for about 8 months or until they outgrow the infant car seats. In the meantime, you will have more time to research and decide on which double stroller to get next. For most of the purchases from toys/equipments/feeding related items, I always check out the review ratings on amazon first. Even if I don't buy it from amazon, at least I know about the pros and cons. This way, I can avoid buying something that I might end up regretting.

Heather - posted on 10/15/2009




Our twins are only 2 weeks old but so far we have needed

2 car seats, 2 cribs, 1 bath tub, towels, face cloths, a large twin nursing pillow and I keep a play pen in the livingroom with all the changing supplies in it ready. I think we are going through about 20 diapers a day and a pack of wipes every 3 or 4 days. I have some bottles for pumping also. Oh ya a good breast pump is a must if you want anyone else to do a night feeding. I also have 2 swings which we haven't used yet and 2 bouncy chairs which they don't like to much yet. I think a mobile for the crib is a great idea as well. Our babies dropped to about 5 lbs and didn't fit any of there clothes so we found the nighties to be very usefull and also the swaddling blankets. We were swaddling them in receiving blankets but have now switched and it is so much easier. I would get at least 20 receiving blankets also.

Joanne - posted on 10/14/2009





well I usually bought Milk, Diapers BULK ....Id look up warehouses where they sold in Diapers, Baby oil, powder, wipes in Bulk...then Id make sure that I have 2 Bags, Filled with all babies essentials - 1 for the car - 1 for going outing and the restt in babies Room :

the bags would have the following essentials:

1. 10-12 diapers

2. Mini baby oil, Powder, Bepanthan, Gripe water,teething gel

3. Wipes

4. babies Change of Clothes, Beebs,toys,

as they got older - I make sure they had a lil snack Box - with Fruits(apples, oranges, Banana - cut in Bite sizes)

this way i wudnt have to pack and repack bags , Id leave one in the car, one for going outing : then Id recheck and repack on weekends - ready for the week day.

Katie - posted on 10/13/2009




You will go through a TON of diapers, especially at the beginning. My girls are 8 months old now and we go through about 8 - 10 a day now, when they were really little it was more like 16 - 20 a day!

As for essentials - TWO SWINGS...that is a lifesaver when they are little! 2 bouncy chairs, exersaucers, double stroller...those are the most important things, they will make your life easier and keep your babies happy. Good luck!!!

Jocelyn - posted on 10/12/2009




Ok. First you need 2 bouncy seats. They work great for feeding (if you are bottle feeding anyway). Plus my boys LOVE them.

Lots of bibs.

Diapers- we usually go though about 16-20 a day depending. If you belong to a club store like bj's or sam's it's great. Can't beat 268 diapers for $30! Also is supposed to be good.

I also buy my formula at BJ's. They have name brands and bigger cans than anywhere else, plus generic which is what we've been using. It's $20 for a 52 oz can which lasts us about 5 days.

Lots of bottles if you are bottlefeeding.

We got 2 swings but I ended up taking one back and getting a travel swing instead. It's nice because you can still use it at home and taking somewhere is pretty easy.

2 pack and plays are essential if you plan on ever letting them sleep someplace else.

2 boppy pillows. My boys loved to nap in them (i just laid a receiving blanket over them so they didn't fall through the hole) and lay in them on the couch and look out the window. Now we are using them to practice sitting.

Get a white noise machine- a sleep sheep or something to that effect.It helps drown out the others' noise when they are trying to go to sleep.

Lots of onsies all different sizes

Wine for you, you'll need it =)

Try to line up help in the early weeks of them being home. It was a life saver!

Front back double strollers are easier to get around it in my opinion

Recieving blankets that are rectangles not square- easier to swaddle!

Good luck!

Michele - posted on 10/11/2009




Congratulations!! I remember those days and my twins are 18 years old. (this might have different ideas than the other post.)
Not sure what to recommend on diapers--cases would be good. I remember one book said approx 15 dozen cloth, with disposable figure you change every couple hours.
clothes--at minimum 14 sets for each kid, this could last one week. They'll need clothes changed at least twice a day. Lotsa onesies and sleepers. Depending on birth-size, you might want some of those "bags", so their legs are inside and the clothes aren't supper large. At least 2 doz. bottles, some smaller (6 oz?) and the rest regular size. The type is up to you and the kids, the designs have changed in the past few years. My kids didn't like the playtex but I've known other kids that loved that style.
If you use cribs, one per twin and probly 6 sets of sheets, bumper pads and related safety gear. We have oodles of baby blankets, if babies arrive during winter, you'll want to wrap the baby and use one blankie to cover the kid. We liked using a clippie for the pacifier, it also helped us identify the kid (identical twin boys). We found the baby bath's weren't that practical and use used the sink, but one of those might be good. It was easier for us to use regular towels (hand size) rather than the baby towels. You'll want/need 2 swings or similar eqmt. In the U.S. 2 car seats will be required and those head-adjuster thingies. Baby wipes for cleaning baby bottoms, altho we just used wash cloths and used the wipes for travel, church and such. If you aren't going to nurse, formula, you'll probly use 1 can in 2 days. They make plastic or cloth things that can snap onto a toy and the car seat (one snap on each end), these are great for attaching a rattle or other toy for travel, shopping and such.
Keep supplies in your car, for the unexpected time you're out and need a diaper or food.
Check the library for books, such as "what to expect when you're expecting" and other baby books for ideas.

Cori-Ann - posted on 10/10/2009




ok so here it goes...

diapers in a day: assume 6-8. depends on feeding.

Wipes: how many wipes do you need to clean poo each time? about 2 per change

feeding. about 6-8 feedings a day. at first 2-4 oz bottles then gradually adding an ounce or two as they appear to need it. You'll know. Ask a nurse. They were so helpful with the feeding tips.

travel? make sure you have enough diapers for a day and wipes and travel ready formula. change of clothes is always helpful.

Nursery must have is a changing pad/table. we used a dresser with the u shaped pad on top with a clip so they don't get out.

a place very handy to put all the supplies you need to change baby so you dont have to go far.

bath time. i generally grab a towel and two facecloths per baby and set up the water, bubbles, and shampoo or body wash before grabbing baby. much easier to do with two hands than one. just before bed but after the last bottle or feeding. depends on the baby as well. baths are known to wake up baby rather than help them relax and sleep well. you will get to know the rhythm of the babies wants.

I guess this is pretty much it. Read what you can and ask for help when you need it. An informed parent is better. There are no stupid questions.

I wish you luck.

let me know if you have any other questions.

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