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Anissa - posted on 12/12/2010 ( 20 moms have responded )




Just read the thread about being able to tell your twins apart and wondered if I am the only one in this situation? My twins turned 2 in October, and I still can't tell them apart by looking at them. They are the same height, weight, hair color/length, eye color, skin tone. You name it, it is the same. Ava has a mole on the top of her left foot, so when I dress them in the morning, I specifically remember what each girl is wearing so I know who I am talking to, etc. Macy is left handed, so there are differences but oh so very subtle. In my case no one can tell them apart...not my husband, my mother, my babysitter, or my other children, or anyone. I just wondered if anyone else had twins that even at an older age still have a tough time telling them apart? TIA!


Tami - posted on 12/21/2010




Just wondering why idental twin moms don't give their kiddies different hairstyles. Then everyone can tell them apart! I do not mean anything negative by this. As babies, I realize that this is hard, but by 2 most kids have enough hair where even 1 twin could have slightly shorter hair than the other. They may be identical, but they are individuals and should be treated as such (even if they are dressed the same). Personally, I only dress my fraternal twins alike for family pictures or holidays. Sometimes they wear the same colors, but usually they are in different clothes. I have nothing against people who dress their twins alike everyday as long as the children are treated as individuals. (I realize the mom who posted the question dresses her kiddies differently.) I just really think the hair style is best b/c that doesn't change. Is it healthy for the development of the child if even their family members can't tell them apart? Doesn't that mean they get lumped together as "twins" and not as "name 1" and "name 2"?

Shandrell - posted on 01/04/2011




Sons will be 2 in March and they are identical. I have the same problem as you do. If I don't dress them to remember what I put them in I don't know which one is which. My twins are the same height weight, they have the same eye color and they are both right handed. When we go to family gathering everyone is always asking me which one is by them and and I have to tell them which one is in what outfit. So your not the only one having problems there

Febrina - posted on 12/19/2010




my identical twins are 4 years old now, and sometimes I can't tell them apart, but not as often as my husband :)

I dress them differently, and now they have different choices on their dresses and colours. and one of them, Athifa, has a birth mark on her left hand, so when I get confused, I'll check their hands :)

but most people still can't tell them apart..

Rebecca - posted on 12/17/2010




My Twins had TTTS and they have always had a weight discrepancy so we never had trouble telling them apart. They are 18 months old now and occasionally we are starting to look twice to try get it right. People think that because one is bigger than the other they can't be identical but I tell them that they are genetically identical (We had proof with TTTS and placental and amniotic testing) but that is where the similarities end.

Sara - posted on 12/17/2010




Mine are boys, 20 months, and most people can't tell them apart. But I often dress them alike which forces me to focus on their faces, and eventually I began to see a tiny difference. One has a very slightly narrower head because of how he was positioned in utero. And this may sound crazy, but I think they just put off a unique vibration or aura or something, because while I can tell them apart in person, I still have a very hard time with photos. And somehow one looks bigger in person, even though they weigh within half a pound the same. Still I am much better at sorting them than their Dad, who spends as much time with them as I do. I heard him yell one day "which one are you - stop that!" and about fell out laughing. We just do our best and when that doesn't work, Tristan wears red and Avery wears blue. They seem to know this, because if you give Tristan a blue shirt or cup or whatever, he gives it back and says "no, Abie"


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Jodi - posted on 05/15/2012




OK, my girls are fraternal, but nobody but me and my daughter can tell them apart! They look identical. Dalilah has a little different shape to her head because of it being squashed inutero and Aurora has a mole on her right thigh. That's the only difference. I can tell them apart by their countenance. Aurora is very silly and laughs a lot and smiles and is very mischievious. Dalilah on the otherhand is much quieter, more serious. She's an observer and gets very intensly focused on something that interests her. She also hums to herself ALL the time and usually has her tongue between her teeth/lips. But, to help others tell them apart, Dalilah has her ears pierced and Aurora does not!

Michelle - posted on 01/05/2011




I can tell for the most part my identical boys apart. Probably the times that I have the hardest are when their backs are to me or when they are naked. My twins do have very slight differences. One has a mole in a certain area. One is just slightly bigger (like a couple of pounds and maybe 1/2 inch or less taller). I try and remember what each is wearing for quick references otherwise I need to look at their faces and sometimes their body language is a little different.

Shannon - posted on 01/05/2011




hardly anyone can tell my girls apart. For the 1st couple of years they wore name bracelets, and Shaelyn wore purple and Shyanne pink. When they started preschool Shaelyn wore 1 pony tale while Shyanne liked 2, so the teachers could tell them apart. They are now 6 and they still usually like to dress a like so the teachers have a bit of a hard time, although their personalities differ and they have different voices so if you really pay attention you can tell them apart. Although some of the kids can tell them apart :)

Anissa - posted on 01/04/2011




Thank you SO MUCH Shandrell!!!!!! Do the other family members and friends have a hard time telling apart too? Mine do!

Cindy - posted on 12/24/2010




Gah! My boys had TTTS and because of the discrepancies it created, nobody believes that they are identical twins!

Stephanie - posted on 12/17/2010




oh yeah. I can do it. but sometimes......they realllly look like each other and as long as they don't talk, I just can't tell. now, other people mostly can't do it. my gals were 8 in October. when they were babies, we painted one twin's toenails purple for 2 years straight. they really are carbon copies. their parts are on different sides, they both have a freckle on the side of their face, but one twin's is a little lower. but i don't know which. hannah has a tiny cowlick on her forehead in the shape of a fingerprint and a big mole on her back that ellie doesn't have. but those are the only physical differences that i've noticed. twins are awesome.

Carine - posted on 12/17/2010




You not the only one in this situation, my twin turned 8 in August and I still can't tell them apart, they are now known as twin at school and answers to twin. Diego has a scar on his left cheek, and if visible i can tell them apart from this. so yes I still have a tough time telling them apart!

Fiona - posted on 12/15/2010




I'm an identical twin :D We were lucky in that you could tell us apart (my sister had a heart defect so she was slighter than me)

However I was at school with some identical twins that you couldn't tell apart (11-14years) and their parents stitched their initials on to their clothes so people could tell them apart.


Andrea - posted on 12/15/2010




my girls are now 10, and even though they are identical they have a few differences, height, weight , voices. But when they were babies / toddlers, it was very difficult, so I used to dress them in 2 different colours, Mia was always in yellow & Cara in green, then just when glancing I could tell, which is also safer when out and about, then you don't call the wrong name say if they were doing something dangerous. Night time is always the worst, when it's dark and your tired I nearly always got it wrong. ;-)

Megan - posted on 12/14/2010




my girls are identical and there have been times that we had some trouble until Lucy gave herself a haircut, now its much easier. miy girls may look alike but have completely different personalities and react to me differently and speak differently. so i suggest to find the differences and support them. for example if one likes pink give her a pink hair bow or something like that. also now that they are almost four they are really into the things that are specifically theirs like a blanket or toy. it helps them feel like individuals. good luck!

Mandy - posted on 12/13/2010




I'm not in your situation yet since my twins are only 4 months old. At the moment no body can tell them apart. I make sure they are dressed different. One had a birth mark on the back of his neck and I paint one toenail as a precaution but I don't know what I'm going to do once they get older. Good luck!

Ianina - posted on 12/13/2010




Still pregnant, but I thought about it...

we evenly joke about tatooing their initials on their arms...hahaha

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